How I Manifested Seeing a Specific Person on a Specific Night

12 thoughts on “How I Manifested Seeing a Specific Person on a Specific Night”

  1. What a wonderful story, Nina. 🙂

    In the past year, since I am practicing LoA conciously, I was able to manifest different specific people for different reasons. Mostly specific foreigners and friends. And with everytime I understand a little bit more, what letting go means, what it feels like. I set the intention, and then I let the universe taking care of it. I don’t need to tell any reason for my wish, I don’t need to justify my desire. In every case I simply knew it will come, because I asked for it.

    I was also able to manifest specific events I daydreamed about or all the small things in life which make me happy.
    I am so greatful for this journey full of magic.

    It reminds me a lot of my journey with lucid dreaming. When I learned to have many lucid dreams, I wanted to control them because it was fun. But with every dream I also started to enjoy the experience itself and to observe what will happen, what my subconcious is creating on its own. So, I love letting go of the control, because I love the surprise.

    With my love, I recently experienced something that could easily be seen as a setback, but I decided, that this will actually lead to something more beautiful between us. This thought alone feels so much better and I don’t want to give away this feeling for any negative thought anymore.

    I see my resistance in my health issue. I want to manifest back my health and I can’t see myself in a happy relationship, before I am healthy again. I know, that this might be just a wrong belief and maybe I underastimate the power of the universe, that both things can be resolved at the same time in a wonderful magical way. With all these wonderful things in my life, I still resist the state of “healthy and happy in a relationship.” But this can’t be too much to ask for! 😀

    But then, whenever I see myself looping in negativity again, I switch back to my heart, where is only love. I understand, that there is no use in worring about anything. I want to share love in every moment, no matter what. 🙂


  2. Hi thank you for sharing-

    As I am learning more about LOA, I find the best way for me is to think about my desires, and when I do I visualize and trust that is mine and let go. my main problem was letting go I was too attached to the outcome I felt I had to control everything otherwise it wouldn’t happen for me, it was not easy for me to trust and all this was a result of past experiences but then I asked myself why go the same road if it didn’t work for me? why fall under the same pattern? that was me then but now is now.
    I made a decision to open my heart and allow myself to love and feel love, I made a decision to let go of fears and doubts I said enough already, I choose my dream, I choose to attract my specific person and let the universe handle it. So to me what works is to decide what you really want-focus on the end result always and trust.
    As a result I’m getting many signs from the universe and what I do is stop and say thank you.
    This blog has helped me a lot too thank you Nina for all your support.


      1. Hi Nina

        I read somewhere that sometimes when manifesting what we want we must take action as well.
        in my case I’m working with Loa to manifest a relationship with a specific person how can I know that the impulse to act comes from the universe and not my old self trying to control things?


  3. Hello Nina 🙂

    I have a Question: what should i do when the man i want to be With has a girlfriend?:(
    I heard about it today:( should i give him up, or believe despite of this, and hope that they will break up and we will be together?:)

    Thank You 🙂


    1. Hi Tia. It doesn’t matter what situation the person is in but if you believe that this is wrong or could be a problem, that presents a manifesting block. You can manifest being with anyone but you have to be sure you are doing the right thing xx


      1. Thank you 😘😘😘
        So i should not worry about his girlfriend even when they are serious and he loves her and not interested in me? Can we still be together soon?:)


      2. Hello Nina,

        It turns out my specific person maybe doesnt have a girlfriend, but maybe he is gay!!! I dont know, maybe he is straight, but even if he is gay, can i still manifest him as a straight man, who is in love With me?


      3. Yes. You can manifest him in love with you no matter what, if you really want it and see the two of you together, believing it’s a done deal. But only if you truly believe it!


  4. Sooo, after a photoshoot, myself and friends went to a nearby restaurant/bar. It was our first time there and we were just enjoying our meals. Well, when we left I noticed a guy leaves when we do and walks behind me immediately, it seemed to be calculated. Well opening the door as he walks behind, he says thank you, I look back and he was gorgeous!! It throw me off and I didn’t respond. I just had to say something once I cleared my head. I made a remark “…maybe we should get in the car with him!” But he proceeds to jump in his car, no words.

    Well my friends told me, he was looking in my direction ALL night, again I didn’t notice him at all til we left the restaurant! They believe he was trying to get my attention! But why didn’t he respond? Did I throw him off as well?

    Anyways I’m manifesting this man to be there again so we can actually exchange numbers and court each other’s! I asked another guy if he’d go back to a place in hopes to see a girl her want to approach again and he said “thirsty me would say yeah, regular me would say no” I’m getting 50/50 responses but I FEEL he would be there. I dislike regrets but I will let go if I don’t see him again just meant the universe didn’t align us and I’m st peace thinking of it that way!


    1. Hi! He might have not expected that you would actually speak to each other so he might not have known what to say. I say, visualize the two of you just talking in a bar over a glass of wine and the details will work themselves out! Enjoy these visualizations and then just live your life, and before you know it, the reality will align with your mind!


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