Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

4 thoughts on “Have You Earned a Great Relationship?”

  1. Dear Nina,
    I recently asked you about an advice to manifest back my ex and you suggested to live in the end result which I did and manifested some positive changes toward me (he calls me more often, we are spending more time together) but basically after a month and a half this is it.
    Not sure what to do from this point. Does this mean I am still not aligned with my wish and I have some resistance to clean up or it takes time for some things to manifest…meaning the thing I want is on my way?


    1. Hi T! Let me ask you this – are you thinking about what is right now for the most part or what you ultimately want the relationship to be? Just enjoy what is and think about what would make you happy for it to be, as if it’s happening right now. Create the ideal relationship in your visualizations and be grateful for it, and then the current reality will transform into your ideal 😀


  2. I would say I am close to 50:50 😀 what is happening is that when we are in a fight or something like that then I focus completely on what I would like it to be. However, as soon as we get close I get in the feeling of what I am having currently and that is still not something I am satisfied with. I obviously just need to ignore reality as long as it doesn’t turn out to be. And yes, I enjoy very much and appreciate the time we spend together. Thank you so much for your advice 🙂

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