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See Your Desires as Facts and You Will Never Fail to Manifest Them

Can you be happy if courage is not a part of who you are? I think it’s a very interesting question that can make anyone think about who they want to be.

Do you feel happy being the person who dares to know that what they want is theirs? A done deal, pre-made already. No going back on the fact that you’re about to receive this and live your life with it. And that’s precisely the case.

You must see your desires as facts, as they are the facts of upcoming events in your life.


Courage is not as unattainable as it seems; courage is present when you know that what you want is a fact already. Knowing is courage. And knowing is normal. Some people view courage as something they will never have but courage means what all of life does – believing in the unseen before we can see it.

Everyone is brave in some way. Observe your personality and recognize the ways in which you are courageous. If you’re brave enough to do all the things you dare to do, you have already shown yourself the courage to make anything happen; according to Law of Attraction, nothing is more or less difficult to manifest than anything else and there are no “big” or “small” desires. The magnitude of any desire is determined by the individual manifesting it, which is why we must see everything we want as normal, small or easy to get.

Believing in the unseen is the way life is truly created. We have to imagine ourselves having what we want, even for a second, in order to attract it into our lives. Sometimes, we do it unconsciously; sometimes, subconsciously. But we can do it completely consciously if we love the idea of living our desire, know that it would make us happy and know that we are the right person for it.

Whether our desire is money or a relationship, we have to see ourselves making it happy as it makes us. You have the power to make the person you have chosen the happiest they’ve ever been. That money is what the Universe wants to give you because you have decided it belongs with you. When you love money, you attract it; when you want money, that money wants to come to you because that is the Law of Attraction.

So when you can see yourself having that money, the money will come. What we believe and what we know is what we will absolutely end up attracting.

Don’t let yourself believe that you will never have your desire or that it’s still difficult to manifest! And don’t be afraid to feel the emotion of having it already. Feeling this emotion takes courage and if you had the courage to do so many things in your life, as everything in life takes some courage to achieve, you can certainly be brave enough to feel.

When we feel, we are happy; when we are happy, we become addicted to happiness.

We must know our desire belongs with us. We make our desire happy as it does us. And how could something that belongs with us not be easy to manifest?

The easier we view our desire, the faster we end up manifesting it.

10 responses to “See Your Desires as Facts and You Will Never Fail to Manifest Them”

  1. Hello Nina,
    I’ve been a practicing student of LoA (thanks to your website) for 3-4 years. I have 2 questions.
    How do I deal with lazy coworkers? I pick up their slack, I’m always singled out and I’m tired of doing their job.

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  2. 2. I’m manifesting my biggest desires so far and it requires relocation. I’m single by choice and I notice that my fears are slowly surfacing. How do I keep these fears at bay and maintain a positive manifestation attitude concurrently and what if the fears do surface?

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      • Fears of everything I think! I haven’t been single in 30 years. During major changes I could always rely on my now ex-husband but now it’s all on me. Perhaps, I fear if I’ve made the wrong decisions I can’t blame anyone but myself. But the move is necessary I’ll be closer to family


      • Don’t look at it as past mistakes or wrong decisions because right now, it’s important that you just focus on how and why this move will make you happy!


  3. Nina! I have an icky situation. My apecific person is dating his long term ex gf again and has told me hes sure he wants to marry her and she will have his children etc. He loves snd cares about me a lot but from wjat I see, hes matured a lot and he just really wants to marry this girl. Theyre a simple happy couple (as far as I can see) and I feel torn because it makes it dofficult for me to be brave and see him and I together as a fact. I love him dearly and theres a spark between us that noone can replace but i feel like ive lost 😦 is this even reversable? What do you suggest would be some good exercise?


    • Hi! Anything can be reversed but are your feelings for him a unique spark or a deep love in which you know he’s the one? Either way, it seems like you perceive him as someone you “can’t be with” and yourself as “trying.” When you imagine that he is living a LIFE with you, married, every day, how does that feel? It has to feel good and of deeply knowing if it’s going to manifest!


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