Getting What You Want by Disregarding Everything You Dislike

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It is such a bliss to be able to wake up and just write.

I have been absent lately but for a very happy reason! Follow my personal Instagram,, for the latest updates on my life because all of it is one big manifestation!

There is manifestation in every single day and every single life event.

I have plenty of articles coming which will deal with becoming the most important person in someone’s life, owning your sense of confidence, and especially moving on from the disappointing life events and manifestations. Accordingly, I want to show you the exact way of getting what you want.

So let me start by telling you how I manifested one specific goal.

I was used to being called an amazing writer from a relatively early writing age; I was even published and experienced a lot of praise, very early on. However, when that happens so soon, everyone expects you’ll continue to work but what if you want to do something else for a while? What if you want to try other things? I took a few years away from writing to pursue different interests and enjoy my life…and when I returned, I felt as if I’d lost my talent.

I didn’t regain confidence in my writing by pushing myself – I regained it when I stopped trying. I affirmed my writing skills but I wasn’t trying to regain them. Because affirming isn’t trying.

Affirming is trusting that you already are, meaning that you can affirm once and then move on with your day. One day, I just woke up and knew that my writing was not only back but even better. And the ease of writing as well as every article that followed confirmed it – the current reality always comes last but the path to it doesn’t have to be treacherous.

One thing I can tell you is that I have zero regrets. I don’t regret quitting writing for years. I don’t regret the life I had in the meantime. Had I continued to pursue it, my life would have looked differently but I know that it wouldn’t have been better. The amount of happiness we feel depends on our openness and allowing so if one doesn’t deal with that, no matter how much they achieve in life there will always be something missing. Achievement doesn’t create emotional fulfillment – the amount of happiness and security you allow into your life does.

The exact way of getting what you want is to not stress yourself trying to make it happen. Instead, get what you want by affirming it but then switching off from the subject afterwards. By going about it that way, you will act as if you have it already and suddenly wake up one day believing it yourself.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

8 thoughts on “Getting What You Want by Disregarding Everything You Dislike

  1. I find that writing down my long-term goals helps me remember them. It’s easy for me to take mental notes of my goals but it’s even easier to forgot about them. I only just had this realization recently. Since then, I’ve been journalling on a daily basis.

    I agree with what you said. If we focus too much on what we want, we often struggle to get what we want because we’re also putting way too much energy into what we don’t want. It’s good to get real with ourselves and ditch anything that is not helping us reach our goals.

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      1. I write down my goals, and affirm them out loud or in my head eg. “I will graduate” written as “graduate by Jan 2020.” I have to have the right mindset in order for the affirmations to work butI’m not always in a good headspace. Having them written down even when I’m in a bad mood helps me remember the “why” behind what I’m doing.

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  2. Hi Nina i just want to congratulate you sending many blessings your way and let me just say you are now living in the city of my dreams, this city brought me my counterpart and its where it all started for us.
    and whenever i see something regarding the city im reminded of him and the wonderful time we had and that anything is possible so congratulations.

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    1. Hi and thank you so much!! You are so wonderful! I love the story! I live very close to the city and go there easily. It has grown on me in the past months so I understand your love for it very much! And we definitely agree – magical things happen in it! I am so happy to hear your love story started there and it’s true that it’s a great reminder of anything being possible.


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