Surprise Manifestation of a Free Phone Plan

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Disclaimer: This is a non-profit blog, because I don’t need a reason to offer some wonderful, free content.

Here’s a little manifestation story. This was completely unexpected but wonderfully uplifting.

After I moved several months ago, I needed to get a new phone. My European smart phone doesn’t accept SIM cards from any other continent which meant I had to start from scratch – a local provider and a new device.

“I’ll find the right one,” I figured. About two weeks after I stopped thinking about it, my man heard about a provider offering the best initial plan we’d seen thus far. He also pointed out an independent retailer selling the device I was eyeing and soon enough, I placed both orders on the same day.

I spent one night in NYC just three days after ordering an entirely new smartphone setup (more on that here). My new SIM card carrying the plan arrived hours after my departure (I knew it!). Upon returning home the following day, I unpacked it and continued to wait for my device. It arrived that evening.

After unpacking my device, I faced a wonderful surprise – with my new smart phone, I received a free SIM card carrying the plan identical to the one I had ordered! I had bought a phone plan and just got the same one for free with my device? Really? Well, amazing! This was a surprise promotion, not advertised anywhere, so the next day, I called to ask for a refund on my previously purchased plan, explaining the situation. The customer service representative was at a loss for words but was happy to refund my money as I have ended up with three months of free mobile service. She called me lucky.

I was without a local phone the entire first month after moving. I went to New York City with no way for my man to reach me outside of WiFi at the Marriott Marquis or Le Pain Quotidien. And the morning after it was confirmed that I had just received free mobile service, he and I had breakfast and headed right back into the city.

I have two active phones now and for me, that’s normal. And so was the manifestation of a currently free plan.

But how did I do it?

Firstly, I ordered a phone plan that genuinely pleased me to spend money on. I also ordered a device I felt good about. What is it that would make you feel good about a device and a plan? Is it that they be cheap? That they be familiar to you, similar or from the line of your favorite smart device brand?

And if the answer is indeed “affordable,” ask yourself why you’re keeping your abilities in a limited financial bracket because manifesting more money will be useful for opening your energy and your mind.

If it would make you feel good to own a device and have a phone plan you genuinely want no matter the cost, tell yourself that regardless of the amount of money in your wallet today, you can have it. Never recognize any set of circumstances as limitations to your goal because there’s never a single and only way to get anything in life.

Another important factor is that I was clearly on a frequency to attract a free phone plan which is a way of manifesting both money and perks. Notice how I received something for free and a refund – it was because I had said “money” and not “cash.” We want to be as specific as possible on that.

What do you think about all this? Let me know. And have an amazing day in the meantime!

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