How Unconditional Love Shapes Your Day-to-Day Choices and Speaks of Your Self-Value

Happy New Year, everyone! I celebrated the holidays, my 35th birthday, and if you read my last post, paid for the continuation of my phone plan.

But something else has been making me think.

You know how we sometimes feel like we can manifest certain things but not everything? We can have this-and-that but not something else? Like manifestation is conditional?

Manifestation is not conditional but our love might be.

If it currently feels like you can’t manifest everything, it’s so because you are not practicing unconditional love for the world around you. Unconditional love feels good and it will never bring you down! Right now, you are not accepting the world as it is, believing in its bright future – and remember that practicing unconditional love means loving what’s in front of you no matter what condition it is currently in. You are not accepting the people you might even love which leads to loving them conditionally. And loving anyone or anything only conditionally hurts, both us and our lives.

Every time we face anything we believe will not work out, every time we get that feeling that this or that won’t happen because our gut is seemingly telling us so, it is because we are not feeling the love for that thing or the source it’s coming from.

You don’t believe you can have a specific job with a specific company? You are lacking love for yourself, the job, the said company and your personal sense of value. You don’t believe that where you are now makes you valuable enough to move where you want to be.

I once didn’t believe that a then-boyfriend would come through and do the right thing in a specific situation. And, guess what? He didn’t. I didn’t feel unconditional love and faith in him. So I got what I expected – how can anyone succeed in giving you what you want when you are continuously sure that they would fail?

But why do you believe this person will fail to deliver? Because deep down, you don’t believe they deem you worthy of coming through for. And that is the most common reason for not loving unconditionally – believing that where and who you are now is enough to move into the place you want to be immediately.

Where you are right now probably equals not having what you want. Because you don’t have it today and may have not had it in the past, you might be starting to think that you never will. You think that your current circumstances and history have incapacitated you from ever manifesting a change. But does that sound like unconditional love?

Unconditional love leads to unconditional faith but if the first attempt at reaching your goal doesn’t pan out, that unconditional faith doesn’t leave. You simply try again because unconditional love has already produced the confidence and the knowing that what you want will certainly come true – see how that works? When you love unconditionally, there is nothing to be worried about and you know it. The only thing standing between you and unconditional love is a choice to practice it towards everything.

I want to leave you with this thought today. Think about what your life would be like if you practiced and accepted everyone unconditionally, knowing it would lead to the manifestation of your dreams. When you accept others, you have no ill feelings; when you have no ill feelings, you attract like a magnet.

Imagine attracting everything you want because you’re free from any feelings troubling your days right now.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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