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How To Deal With People Different Than Yourself While You’re Manifesting and Living Your Dream Life

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All of us love connecting with people who share our interests and values. Those that share our goals and lifestyle. People whose standards match ours. But often enough, we end up running into a certain type of individuals whose views or life experiences don’t match ours, and if a single such individual is a certain combination of unworldly but critical/engaging in self justification/ignorant or willingly misinformed/nosy while throwing unsolicited controlling statements around a conversation, their presence, questions, comments or feedback (more often than not, all those things combined) can hit the most unpleasant buttons within us. This can happen once or repeatedly.

Many times, these people act in such a way because your confidence in life and love for your goals makes them feel insecure in theirs. Many people made certain choices in life because they settled, didn’t believe in themselves, thought they would never get the opportunities to do what they wanted or didn’t know the Law of Attraction or simply didn’t use it to work on their confidence and belief – maybe not in those words but that’s what it comes down to. And then there are many others who will try to bring you down or at least justify themselves because your choices will make them feel ordinary, pointing out their own lack of effort, hard work, ambition, appeal or compassion.

Some people will realize that the pride you feel about your life choices was not meant to reflect anybody else’s. You are not a judgmental person and can share your goals when asked without being responsible for everyone else’s feelings and confidence – most people will see that. But a small group of individuals will nontheless attempt to devalue your goals out of sheer insecurity in their own lives. Especially in the moments you don’t feel good about yourself, these individuals seem to multiply.

When something seems difficult to manifest, it somehow feels unattainable no matter how hard we try. At times, it feels as if we’re in a black hole with no way out. This is when you might feel that the support of those close to you would be invaluable yet many times, it is exactly when you aren’t receiving it.

One’s mind and life can feel empty when the required support seems unavailable; however, we primarily have to give that very support to ourselves.

I know that feeling good about ourselves attracts great support from other people. I also know that we should all strive to be the kind of person that empowers others, especially when they feel bad about themselves. And at the same time, I know that some people close to us won’t give us the support we need when we need it…but I don’t think they don’t all do it for the reasons of feeling invalidated by our much bigger dreams.

The only difference in people’s capability to manifest their dreams is believing in the power of the Universe.

Some people are afraid of being left behind. Your family might not support your grandiose dreams because they’re afraid of you forgetting all about them and their more modest life as a result. Friends who don’t believe in themselves can do this as well. But look at this – by the Law of Attraction, this is exactly what they manifest. You don’t want to listen to them (obviously, because not supporting people’s authenticity doesn’t make anyone popular) or spend time with them as a result.

They have to accept you if they want your love, no matter what you want in life and where you want to be. They have to accept that you have the freedom to create your own life and are not obligated to be where they want you to be but only where you do. They should be equally supportive, no matter what. If they expect you to adapt, they have to do the same. And once they do all these things, you feel closer to them, loved by them and want them in your life.

Guess what? The exact same scenario applies when manifesting a relationship. You have to give all those things because you would want to receive them in return. If the person you want to be with should be open to you, you need to be open to them. Support their choices the way you want them to support yours, and they will soon realize you are the person they want to be with. And the rest is history.

But let’s go back to universal acceptance. When you calmly but in a positive way explain to those close to you that you will still be close regardless of the life you want to live, things will improve. But that’s not all – when you clearly show your boundaries or explain them to the people in question, they will grow to accept them, sooner or later. Sometimes, this type of growth happens sooner than you think.

The art of focus lies in living your life, regardless of what anyone says. It lies in cultivating the notion that if you know your goal will make you happy, it’s the most valid choice you could possibly make for your life. It means that as such, you must ease into knowing that this is your destiny and even if they don’t now, others will see it eventually. So since it doesn’t matter that they don’t know now, you can ignore their current opinions. They don’t know your life and you don’t know all of theirs. Ironically, and consistent with the letting go part of LoA, this is exactly when they will (begin to) catch on.

By focusing on your life, you will inspire others to focus on theirs.

In the meantime, you focus on yourself and seek out social contact with those who share your values, the wonderful people we talked about in the first paragraph. Mutual belief will boost both of your manifestations and energies. Because of this mutual joy, you will both start to attract the most amazing, unexpected miracles. Friendships like this are possible to find – you simply must not give up your belief and they will appear.