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How to Give What You Want to Receive – The Concept of Sharing Money

I remember the year I’d donated one hundred Euros for the first time. I gave it directly to a person in need, didn’t share my name and made the whole process anonymous. It was the largest amount of money I’d spent on a direct donation at that point in my life. I was young, grateful for everything I had, happy and very proud of myself. Having any money to donate made me feel beyond grateful – it made me see that I was more abundant than I even realized.

In the upcoming five months, I manifested a promotion, a raise, a new relationship, weight loss, two trips and the most beautiful apartment I’d ever lived in.

Several year ago, a friend of mine used the same principle, never having known my story. He wanted to be paid for his work but his clients were coming up late. So he donated some money, thinking how great it would be for someone else to receive it, especially because of how happy it would make him to. He did this and relaxed. Within the next three hours, every one of his clients settled their payments.

Giving what you want to receive applies to any manifestation subject. Giving in the specific way context that makes you feel particularly grateful is beyond fulfilling – this is what makes you beyond grateful.

What are you beyond grateful for having? Donate that and you will attract what you want. Notice how I donated money and attracted that plus everything else?

It doesn’t have to be a hundred Euros – donate any amount that makes you feel grateful for having money. Any amount that makes you feel like you have enough money to donate – this is my secret sauce.

My friend donated money and relaxed, because that very act of donating made him feel abundant. Holding onto money makes us feel like we never have enough and could lose it at any given moment. Apply my secret sauce because that is the way to do it – everyone always tells you to but they never explain how.

And now you know.