How to Practice Law of Attraction in the Coronavirus Reality

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You might be wondering how the world collectively attracted the Coronavirus. If you’ve been practicing Law of Attraction, you know we manifest what we can picture and believe, and I know that many people have lost many aspects of their faith in the world long before this time.

Today’s reality can be described in one word for me – unexpected. I’m surprised because I’ve always wanted the world to only move forward. I still believe it does but at the same time, the amount of positive or negative energy we emit into any manifestation will make it either smooth or extremely difficult. I believe the reality we’re facing is a direct result of many people’s long lost hope in today’s society. We can’t be pondering on how flawed the world is and then expect it to reflect great things back to us.

However, this doesn’t have to impact your positive feelings about your own life. You are responsible for your own positivity only, and with its practice you will effortlessly pump positive energy into the world. In both the world and our own lives, we always have to counter negativity with positivity. We may never allow any negativity to make us lose hope in the importance of our happiness.

What it looks like vs. where it leads

Even when it doesn’t seem that way, your manifestations are being formed. The world is still moving forward, even though it looks the opposite, but imagine how strongly we will have recovered once it’s all over, and how much we will have grown and learned.

Even in the Coronavirus pandemic, I believe the world is ultimately moving forward. Maybe this is exactly what we need to finally change our collective awareness and start believing in better things. Even if you believed in the world’s progress while many others were betting on its demise, you can still manifest your own individual desires regardless of what’s happening around you. Manifesting your own goals will help the world collectively manifest its better future – the more happy and trusting individuals there are, the more goals they’ll manifest for themselves and the more faith they’ll have in the future of the world.

Your deepest belief of whether or not you can achieve your ultimate goals will always manifest; your steady focus on the said belief or drifting into doubts on a regular basis will manifest those goals either quite smoothly or rather painfully, until and if you change your awareness along the way.

We might have attracted a bumpy phase in our world but that doesn’t mean it has to come in the way of manifesting our individual desires. Instead of the pandemic, let’s focus on ourselves and we will attract good health as a result. But we must decide to be happy – happiness is a choice. Nothing can make you unhappy unless you allow it.

How to thrive in the current reality

With the Coronavirus pandemic seemingly slowing down our everyday life, you might be wondering how you can even focus on your heart’s desires anymore. You might be wondering if it’s worth it. You might think this entire situation will pause all of your manifestations. You might worry about your loved ones which translates into worrying about your future instead of refocusing in the present.

You might be wondering why this is happening to the world in which we individually practice Law of Attraction; yet because we do, we know how many times thoughts and words of the world being horrible cross our minds. Some devastating notions of the world live in many of its inhabitants because in many ways, those before us haven’t created a world we’re proud of being in. Practicing Law of Attraction works whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, and whether your thoughts are hopeful or dreaded. Even if we know that the world is inherently good, there are aspects of it which upset us. And those of us who felt that the world was at its worst on a daily basis are probably not as surprised that we attracted such pandemic.

Whether we intend it or not, we also practice Law of Attraction through our words and actions. Those who say negative things about the world, not only focusing on its flaws but creating derogatory narratives devoid of factual basis, emit the energy that manifests into even worse realities. Others who fight back against the words of the former individuals also create a certain kind of pain if the existence of such hate upsets them.

More than possibly ever in our lives, now’s the time to start picturing the world the way we want it to be. Every bit of energy helps in spreading positive vibes and creating a world we are proud to be living in. Let’s be grateful for everything and everyone good in the world, and we will multiply it. We can do this in addition to manifesting our own goals.

And if you encounter any naysayers…

The struggle to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic (and generally in life) as well as the fear of practicing positivity while facing resistance from the world at this time or any other is resolved through the following steps:

  1. Drop the worry. Whether or not they’re aware of it, Law of Attraction works for everyone, even those who deny its existence.
  2. Resilience to the words of the negativists, as they only spread their small views because they feel small themselves. They fear your relevance because they consider theirs to be fading.

Believe in yourself and the world. This time will not get in the way of manifesting your goals because you won’t let it. And it won’t cause you to lose faith in the world because you know it’s growing into something better as a result. Imagine a world in which the pandemic left us and took all the negativity away with it – this will help more than you think. Your positive energy matters and it helps.

Maybe this is exactly what the world needs to reboot, start over and do better. We must start existing with more happiness, appreciation, better thoughts, overall respect and kinder words.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

2 thoughts on “How to Practice Law of Attraction in the Coronavirus Reality

  1. Great post! I have been trying to be conscious about what I am putting out in the universe during this crazy pandemic so I don’t attract anything unwanted. I found it helps to not watch the news so much! That way I can ‘cut the worry’ as you mentioned.

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