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Big Announcement!

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to tell you that my coaching services are now ready to resume! With my move last year and the pandemic of COVID-19 closing government offices and delaying administrative necessities, it has been eleven months since I was able to work so I am excited to announce and commence my return.

Even though I had made the best of it, I had no idea that the Coronavirus pandemic would make its appearance and hit us all so strongly. I did on the other hand see Instagram screenshots and several other references of an author announcing a flu-like pandemic at this exact time in the world. I haven’t Googled to find out who it was but just like anything else, a person can have a strong sense of collective consciousness and what exactly we are attracting. Any sense we have on what’s coming can be accepted or we can decide on something better but when it comes to collective consciousness, this can seem more difficult to achieve.

Several authors and spiritual gurus probably predicted and announced a pandemic at this time. People can feel something coming but when we feel it in our personal lives, it is important to know that we can change it to attract something more pleasant instead. It is important to always reiterate faith in our abilities.

This is why it isn’t only about “how” the Law of Attraction “works” – it’s about us feeling love and gratitude, and allowing it to work as a result. Because when we feel love and gratitude in the possibility of manifesting our desires, we do.

Law of Attraction is supposed to be easy and some tend to make it so difficult. I’ve done so at times myself. Sometimes, our mood changes daily and it makes manifestation difficult but this is exactly why it is so important to always remind yourself that your desires coming to life is truly possible which will make you feel love automatically.

A reminder can be motivation enough.


During the past eleven months, I have updated you some but also understood it was important for me to relax and reboot. I had been used to working vacations and never taking a day off, except for only certain trips and top-level family emergencies. I was blogging while thinking about constant improvement, and at the same time continuing to communicate while thinking about going above and beyond for coaching and putting writing on the back burner once again. This is why I have had gaps of posting on the blog – I finally took the time to thoroughly consider its rich quality and true versatility. I didn’t post unless I had something new or momentarily resounding new to say. That was the advantage of sharing everything I knew about personal practices and inner workings of LoA – there were hundreds of articles already present on the blog and their truth and relevance never changed because this universal concept doesn’t change itself.

I was however reminded of the power of LoA on a regular basis. Mere weeks before the pandemic, my mother visited and returned home just in time. Both our health ended up affected after spending consecutive days on long walks in the harsh winter (as well as accidentally putting on too light coats and shoes one day) but she was told by a doctor afterwards that she was in no danger of COVID-19. It went away after a week and we moved on. Yet it reminded us to be grateful for our generally resilient health while hearing about so many cases around the world of entire lives and immunity being compromised, with loved ones facing painful uncertainty. And for those who might be concerned after reading this – I love and you don’t be because I had been affected like this in the past, on the rare occasion of my shoes not being weather appropriate. Once, it happened after a night of dancing and then walking outside covered in nightclub sweat, and specifically because I had left my warm hat at home. Another time, it was after an entire November day spent outside in New York City, wearing shoes so light I cringe at the memory. It had been a while but I knew where this came from. I kept affirming gratitude for my health and the whole thing passed in a matter of days.

This is a great coping method for the surprising circumstances in life – decide that they don’t mean anything. You will get through them. We can be healthy individuals and still feel sick one or a few days a year. If we’re confident in ourselves and have faith in the Universe, we’ll get through them.

I started an Instagram account for this blog but also realized I was trying too hard to come up with fresh content. And what do we do when we need inspiration? We relax and let ideas come to us. At first, I wasn’t practicing it all well enough. I kept thinking and thinking. And then, I started appreciating my own voice again. In the end, it was obvious I needed to find more positivity and faith in writing being enjoyable, easy, productive and successful. I didn’t need to have all the answers on the same day but just believe that they would come soon enough.

The most important reminder was this – when we put pressure on ourselves, we achieve nothing. Pressure is not enjoyable and it prevents us from having loving visualizations of what we want. How could I have neglected this? I knew it but neglected to practice it on a number of days. I believe the experience was useful for me because it provided much empathy for the way we can all feel at times, and putting this unproductive pressure on myself will only make me better at understanding the ways we can all feel. Yes, it was frustrating to not move as fast in my writing as I would have wanted to…but I had begun to see it as difficult instead of easy. This is what happens when we see our desires as out of reach and ourselves inadequate to be living them now instead of perfect for it. This is also what we’re going to resolve during our coaching – dropping those nagging thoughts and discussing what truly matters and causes your life to manifest.


I am so happy to be returning to Law of Attraction, happiness, confidence and positivity coaching. You can email me at nina@thelawofattractionandmylife.com for all the details about my coaching services and our one-on-one, fully confidential dialogue about your goals. My fees and services will always be fully transparent and described in detail.

One of the most amazing feelings that comes from writing and coaching happens when someone lets me know they have chosen to just believe and focus on love, have felt that love by visualizing living their dreams and manifested their desires as a result. Picturing living their lives with their dreams manifested can produce an amount of love powerful enough to manifest immediately but it’s important to address any possible doubts that might come up in order to feel a flow of love for the life in which you are living your desire.

It can be enough to dedicate just a few minutes a day to positive thinking. To practicing it consciously. To tell yourself to believe because if you choose to, and consciously do believe your desires will manifest because the Universe is listening, they will. This is the absolute truth. Your conviction will enable happy, positive, loving visualizations.

Keep following the blog and social media for stories, motivational quotes and Law of Attraction tips!

Talk soon!


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