Inner Peace vs. Inner Turmoil and How to Choose Between Them

“Dream come true lives only” used to be the tagline of this blog. A client recently told me this tagline was inspirational, exactly the way life should be.

I agreed.

Here’s a testimonial from another client.

I was so worried about everything I didn’t like about the current reality, about the things in the past that had hurt and made me feel like I was so far away from this relationship and my chosen person. The more I focused on that, the further away I felt and the more I saw things I didn’t like. But then, with your guidance and lessons, I quickly started to shift away from seeing those negative things in the current reality and the past, and focusing only on the ideal reality and knowing that it was done, that’s it, no other alternative, which meant that even when things aren’t just how I want them now, they’re guaranteed to change in order to bring that finished and chosen ideal reality of a wonderful relationship with my beloved. I even let go of wondering how it would all happen, and accepted that everything happening was creating the ideal, even if I couldn’t see how. And sure enough, as soon as I got deep into this knowing and trust, the less I worried and the more I saw reality shift right before my eyes to bring amazing, positive changes in my situation, like magic! Communication, future plans, sweet words, from out of nowhere! I know that I might slip up and feel a little down when things happen along the way that I don’t prefer, but I also know that my manifestation is a done deal, and nothing can stop it, so there’s no point in doubting or worrying about it for long. As soon as I ignore the current and see only my finished manifestation, it will all be back on track in no time!

This is a great process testimonial. So, what is it that makes us happy, attracting everything effortlessly? What is it that creates this life of being ambitious without actually having to be, because even when we make our moves, it feels like everything just comes to us? When making specific steps towards our goals, our positivity still makes it seem easy but how do we go there after a moment of sadness, frustration or doubt?

There’s only one answer – happiness with and within ourselves. The kind of thing you feel but still find difficult to put into words.

But even with that verbal block included, what is it? What is this awareness which allows you to feel amazing, attract effortlessly and enjoy every bit of it? One that allows you to focus on the ideal and your current joy without worrying every day about where things will go?

You simply go and live in the place of inner peace. That’s what this awareness is. The other night, I was talking to a friend and knew our upcoming plans were working out perfectly. I was connected to knowing and uninterested in any drama or noise from the world. Uninterested in anything that has been bothering me (and yes, things bother me, just like they do everyone else). I was in the place of inner peace. I connected to the feeling of having what I want, and the impossibility of the opposite because my awareness is the only one that decides what I receive.

If you know it’s yours, nothing can take it away from you.

As per our natural human instinct, we love to see something already made, but the process of how it’s made equally intrigues us. It’s the beauty of a finished product that captures us and also makes us wonder how it came to be. We want to know the process, the stages, all from a desire to possess security. We chase our dreams because of the feeling there wouldn’t be anything to worry about once we have reached them.

At some point, I have decided to ignore that instinct, decide where I want to be and allow the Universe to lead me in the process of getting there. I decided to see myself there and not worry about the rest.

Inner turmoil is produced by engaging in doubt. By not just being curious about the process but needing to dissect it.

Inner peace happens in that internal place where we feel the love for the decision of reaching our goals and nothing else.

Which one do we prefer? Are we prepared for our desire on a daily basis? Are we afraid of living our desired reality so we engage in turmoil? Only we know the answer.

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