Feel Positive About Your Person – The Practical Steps Leading to Manifestation

Remember yours and your (desired) partner’s last unpleasant interaction? It might have been a fight or a one-sided conversation, with one person’s needs or emotions rendered unrequited. One or both of you felt misunderstood, profoundly or at least in that moment. One or both your perceptions of your relationship might have changed, and the impression you have of the person you’re dealing with might have taken a turn for the worse. You might have been questioning the entire future of your relationship, or were wondering if they have; sometimes, one event or realization pushes one in the direction opposite to the future together.

If you are currently not in this situation, you will probably remember a similar one from the past. With your person or another before them. We can learn these lessons and not repeat them in the future.

We are now going to explore what to do when in need of reigniting positivity in your relationship.

  1. Give them space. Because if you don’t, you will create day-to-day expectations out of need, not out of confidence that what you want is yours, and focus on what you did not receive instead of nurturing positive belief that says you will. Allow yourself to do what makes you happy and them to do the same. They will soon start to miss you and seek you out for shared experiences.
  2. Start by feeling positive about yourself. But don’t force it. Let this one be a process, and if you allow it to go as it will, it will be a short one. Let yourself deal with all the pent up negativity towards your person – and the way to deal with it is to let yourself process it. Trust me, when you allow it, as little as a good night’s sleep makes a difference already.
  3. Whatever you need, fulfill those needs with your goal in mind. I want you to live like this every day. If you feel the need to vent, tell yourself it’s to feel better because you are getting what you want. Keeping the certainty of getting what you want in every aspect and for every goal will also mitigate your frustration with your person, since you will start thinking that everything you want out of the relationship is now coming your way.

As you can tell, so much of this is about changing your perspective and clearing your thoughts so that this relationship could change as a result.


For those interested, I am pleased to offer a one hour coaching session dealing specifically with these steps suited to your personal situation and life. When emailing to book, please make a reference to the Relationship Positivity Steps Session in the subject line.

If you haven’t booked a coaching session with me before, this could be your opportunity! Explore a specific topic and let me teach you how to attract a specific goal.

Have a great day!



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Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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