The Relationship Confidence of Speaking Your Mind

Could you imagine the following? You are manifesting a relationship with a specific person and contacting them whenever you desire, for any reason. You contact them just because it makes you happy. You don’t expect anything in return because you know that your relationship is manifesting without a problem. No matter where the current reality is at, it’s fine because your energy is changing it. So you feel free to speak your mind and show your feelings, knowing that no matter where your specific person’s feelings currently are, they are about to catch up with yours.

Your person doesn’t answer a text? You don’t see a problem with it. You know that your relationship is a done deal regardless. They answer happily? Just as good because your relationship is a done deal either way. You live in the awareness of being together, knowing that the Universe is making it happen.

And soon, your conviction settles. You just know, without even having to think about it. You allow yourself to think about other things during the day. You enjoy whichever thoughts come up, whether or not they’re related to your desire. You don’t worry, and if you do, you choose to stop and trust.

Suddenly, your desire has manifested. You either barely noticed or experienced powerful euphoria from the manifestation but you’re happy to have it either way. You love living it. If the process of manifestation left you feeling normal, as if your desire had been in your life all along, this is just as great as experiencing manifesting euphoria. Most importantly, your desire is here, just as you believed it would be.

In the past, I’ve manifested exactly like this. I have also manifested while not engaging and allowing my specific person to reach out first. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you know that what you want is yours. Some prefer to engage in contact while others prefer to simply know that it’s coming and visualize while allowing the relationship to manifest. Some feel the desire to engage while the relationship is manifesting and others don’t. Yet as long as they are ready to imagine their specific person’s love, they will experience it.

Your manifestation confidence is in the belief, and that is worth remembering; however, I would like to tell you what happens when you feel like initiating communication with your desired individual.

First of all, you have to focus on all the positive reasons you are doing it. When you message your specific person, remember that you’re doing it because it makes you happy. Because it makes them happy to hear from you, and that is because you decided that it does! Do you think you could imagine your specific person wanting to give you everything you want to experience with them? Can you imagine having the love you want to have together? Can you imagine your person feeling like the luckiest in the world just because you’re together?

Because if you love yourself enough to believe you deserve it, your manifestation will arrive rapidly.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your person’s current reality, or yours. If you think, with love, about being with them, your current reality will come to match that vision.

If you choose to go down the contact initiating route, decide and believe that your specific person is happy to hear from you, whether or not you receive a response.

You are supposed to base your belief on your decisions, not the feedback you receive – that is the fastest way for the current reality to start changing.

Doing the positive work it takes to manifest is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever experience. You will believe, believe in yourself, appreciate, feel, forgive and love.

You will live like a positive thinker who has blind faith until it’s no longer blind but manifested.

All of this requires a major level of self-belief but is absolutely possible to achieve.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

8 thoughts on “The Relationship Confidence of Speaking Your Mind

  1. Cant wait because that’s perfect timing! Thank you

    I know there’s a connection… I know there’s feelings – good ones… it’s all positive but then there’s self doubt and all the what if scenarios come flooding in… ugh!

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  2. I love this post! ❤️

    This has been one of the biggest challenges in my personal manifestation journey, but I’ve been getting a lot better at it. I know it’s all going well and manifesting as we speak, and it feels natural to share things and be open with my person when I want to — not to try to force things or get something out of it, but just because it makes me happy to do so and I know it’s the same way for him. No matter the outcome of any individual interaction, this wonderful relationship is still manifesting into my reality.

    My affirmation lately is, “I know it’s a done deal, so what is there to worry about?” It’s like a magic spell whenever anxiety creeps it! If he happens not to respond to a particular text, that’s okay, it’s done already and there’s not a thing to worry about at all, I’m still happy to have shared with him.

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