The Relationship Confidence of Speaking Your Mind

8 thoughts on “The Relationship Confidence of Speaking Your Mind”

  1. Cant wait because that’s perfect timing! Thank you

    I know there’s a connection… I know there’s feelings – good ones… it’s all positive but then there’s self doubt and all the what if scenarios come flooding in… ugh!

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  2. I love this post! ❤️

    This has been one of the biggest challenges in my personal manifestation journey, but I’ve been getting a lot better at it. I know it’s all going well and manifesting as we speak, and it feels natural to share things and be open with my person when I want to — not to try to force things or get something out of it, but just because it makes me happy to do so and I know it’s the same way for him. No matter the outcome of any individual interaction, this wonderful relationship is still manifesting into my reality.

    My affirmation lately is, “I know it’s a done deal, so what is there to worry about?” It’s like a magic spell whenever anxiety creeps it! If he happens not to respond to a particular text, that’s okay, it’s done already and there’s not a thing to worry about at all, I’m still happy to have shared with him.

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