Are You Leading Your Life or Allowing It to Lead You?

When you decide that you are an individual whom everything works out for, you will begin to view life’s events as being created by you and subjected to you, and not as if the world creates your fate.

Is everything meant to come to us or the other way around? We are to decide what we want and allow it to come to us, allow ourselves to move towards it. We are meant to decide, not life.

I have spoken to people who told me that life served them the undesired. They said they waited for things to happen and were upset when they didn’t. More often than not, they were taught that life just gives to some and not others, which left them in fear of becoming the “others.” However, this fear didn’t tell them to start thinking positive and believe in a positive result. They didn’t even know this was an option.

Life doesn’t want to decide for you. The Universe doesn’t want you to assume that life will be hard and you will get what you can. The Universe wants more for us, otherwise the ability to attract what we want wouldn’t exist.


Step one in altering this awareness and giving the power to ourselves would be to disconnect from the perception of life as divided from us. We need to start looking at life as something we are, not something that handles us.

And if the creation of our life is something we are and we decide on, then life isn’t supposed to be directing us while we have no say. We are not at the mercy of some entity of life we have no connection to. How could something we wouldn’t feel connected to even manage to decide the course of our lives?

Law of Attraction doesn’t respond by granting our desires if we feel that we have no say in the direction of our lives. You know why? Because when we feel life will take us where it wants, more often than not do we assume it’ll take us to the undesired.

Let’s not assume that. Let’s simply assume that what we want is ours because we believe in it. That we decide what’s coming. Life is always better when we do that.

All this shows that life is in you. You are the one who decides where to take it.


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