Why It’s Hard to Power Through the Current Pain to Eventually Manifest

13 thoughts on “Why It’s Hard to Power Through the Current Pain to Eventually Manifest”

  1. Dear Nina, Thank you so much for this and your blog in general – I really appreciate the wisdom you are channeling! ❤

    I've a question: I just received a text from the love of my life (we have now been apart for almost a year and in no contact for 2 months). He texted me about some stuff he forgot to send me when he sent me back my belongings 3 months ago and is wondering whether to send them to the same address. He is also asking me how I am and to let him know in case something else comes up in my mind for him to send.

    When I let him send back all my stuff back then, I did so in order to stop communicating about that – because it was reminding me of our current state and making me feel that I was moving away from rather than moving towards him. I realized that I needed to stop resisting and let him send them in order to close the door of the old and create a new space for new positive conversations.

    And now, I’m sitting here once again, trying to not overanalyze his message and let go of doubting thoughts and bitterness (“he is just asking how I am in order to be polite” “why does he ask me about my address – he was the one sending me here from our home” “is there a hidden agenda – maybe he misses me and are using my stuff do reconnect?”etc) I try to remember that it doesn’t matter what he thinks or previously has said (that ending the relationship was the right thing for him, he doesn’t have the same feelings as I have for him, he mostly remembers the bad memories from our 7 year long relationship and etc) and that I create my own reality with my thoughts (or continue to create the current by giving attention to his).

    Any suggestions on how to reply to this message? Should I, after feeling aligned with myself and thus love, just thank him, confirm the address and tell him to also let me know in case he would something from here (I am currently in another country) and that I hope he and his family are good too? (I sent them a Christmas and Happy New Year card which none of them said anything about or wished me back btw, but I try to remember that I did it out of unconditional love)

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    1. Hi Alice! This is a great question, and you very correctly predicted the answer. Open with a “Hi,” and say say yes to the address. Tell him thanks, that you’ll let him know if there’s anything else (he needs to send you) and that you hope he’s well, too. (Don’t mention the family – you had already wished them well over the holidays and this exchange isn’t about that.) This message projects positive energy of cooperation and satisfaction, which he won’t expect. And a positive exchange is always attractive. 😀
      (This is why, if you mention the family again, he’s going to think you’re thinking about it because he probably heard about your Xmas card. All of this will make you seem to be genuinely positive and well-wishing, and it’ll make him think.)


      1. Dear Nina, thank you for removing that comment! ❤
        Also, since this compliment was removed by that message, I’ll add it here again: Thank you Nina for providing me/us with confidence and making us substitute hoping with knowing! ❤
        Did you get a chance to read my message below? I'm asking again as I'm not sure if you've seen it or maybe it's too long to answer…
        I'm right now sitting and reading the wise answers you have given in the comments of this article: https://thelawofattractionandmylife.com/2014/08/19/manifesting-love-and-relationships-unscrambled/
        I'm sure these answers can apply to my situation as well, as even though the details might be unique the situations are more or less the same..


  2. Dear Nina, thank you for removing the comment above! ❤

    Did you get a chance to read my other message? I'm sry it's so long…


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