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The Spiritual Roadblocks to Manifesting Your Desire – Are You a Good Person?

There will be no results from practicing the Law of Attraction unless one is completely dedicated to transformation.

This means being ready to think differently and will their desire into being, now!

This means consciously thinking differently about your life, every day. It means being so taken by the inevitability of your desire that the current reality seems like the most meaningless blip in time. Or one you don’t mind at all – maybe even one you love anyway, because you know it’s on its way out.

Plenty of factors could be blocking you from thinking like a person who lives your dream life. Yet they all come down to self-confidence.

A large part of self-confidence lies in whether or not we consider ourselves a good person.


I don’t like to say, “Consider ourselves to be a good person.” To me, that just screams, “I’m acting like a good person, whether or not I actually am one,” and such thinking eventually leads to self-loathing. You must truly feel good about yourself, not fake it – if you fake it, you will constantly fear failure and with it, having to face your genuine lack of confidence the first time things don’t go your way.

A person who considers themselves a good one, however, will notice if they aren’t acting as such as times instead of thinking they have to prove something. They know themselves to care about others, immediately eliminating most traps of uncharacteristic behaviors in life. They approach life and everyone in it with respect, appreciation or genuine positivity, be that a person they deeply care about or an acquaintance.

A good person is also aware of how much they deserve. They know it due to their willingness to make others happy. A good person wants to give as much as they take, knowing that true value demands both.

This knowingly good person who is aware of their value will not accept bending over backwards for others to the point of inferior treatment or self- neglect.

But you know who might? A person who thinks they should. This person is also a valuable one but they don’t see it yet – if they did, accepting inferior treatment would not be an option. This is a trap for a person who isn’t sure about their true value. They might think that inadequate treatment is all they could possibly get.

This is why a person who knows how good they are, one that is aware of their value, will practice Law of Attraction successfully. Such individual will assume their worthiness, allowing themselves to receive their desired reality. He or she won’t question their qualities but deem them automatically, almost subconsciously, appropriate to suit their desire.

A person aware of their value and quality will never worry about the current reality – they will simply manifest all their desired changes in it. They will automatically assume to be receiving as much as they deserve and create such a reality instead of dwelling on what is today.


Are you aware of your value?

It’s all in the way we are used to seeing ourselves. You can start changing the way you see yourself anytime.

You are a good person. You just don’t allow yourself to see it. You are focused on everything you aren’t doing instead of acknowledging how much you actually do. When you begin to see how much you do already, you will feel better about yourself. Your self-confidence and worthiness will grow from there.

Don’t let yourself believe you can have some things but not everything. You will never be happy with such an assumption.


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