Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

3 thoughts on “Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly”

    1. Hi Alice. I noticed several of your comments this morning, including the long one you mentioned. Thank you, and I so love that everything helps but with very long and detailed inquiries, you are welcome to email about booking a coaching session for the transformation of your situation.


      1. Dear Nina, of course I understand.

        As lately I have already spent a lot in paid services online for my situation I currently cannot afford to spend any more. Nevertheless, yours as others answers to longer and detailed message in the past (such as “Gretta” etc is helping) ❤

        I am learning to understand that 'letting go' is about letting go of the past and not the future.
        And most probably what is hindering me is my attachment to the past (the feeling of hurt and abandonment etc)

        I am also learning that focusing on the now IS like focusing on the past, as the now is a product of the past, and that I therefore should tend to my vibrational reality and feel as what I want is already here, or better yet already happened.

        I am learning that the reason it's often recommended to go general is because there is often resistance in the focus of the specific, as we notice the lack of it at the same time. And so, this is probably why many tell me to not worry and to focus on the relationship I want rather than it having to be with him (also many tell me this cause they don't want me to expect too much and thus get hurt – which besides being a common belief we learn from young age is probably a reflection of my doubt and fear). But having faith and being open about who the Universe delivers.

        Through you however, I have come to understand that it is possible to focus on a relationship WITH a specific person when you don't do it out of an obsessing and needy state. And this has been a game-changer for me as I now have gone from hope to belief. I feel much more confident and relaxed now. Like it's a done deal rather than me having to make it happen.

        However, I wonder, does the Universe deliver what we really want or also what we think we want?


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