Upset About Not Manifesting Your Relationship?

At times, I haven’t been a friend to everyone. I looked down on others just because their manners were not on my preferred level. For this reason, I have certainly looked down on some people instead of being focused on their positive character. Plenty of people aren’t great at expressing themselves, and we should always only judge whether or not anyone intends to be rude. In short, this is a type of judgement I shouldn’t have made.

I’ve also previously confronted two girls whom I felt had too personal conversations with my then-boyfriends, even after realizing I was in the wrong. Neither did they make a move on my then-partner nor were these conversations as personal as I had taken them. Still, I treated them both just as I did another girl, who actually came on to everything that moved including another former partner of mine. His devotion to me made her look like a fool, and I should have pitied her and laughed instead of inflicting humiliation.

My ego had gotten in the way. I was so sure of seeing enemies, forgetting that this impression was fuelled by my own frustrations. This comes from a fragile ego. A powerful obstacle in a relationship, ego is also a crippling road block when manifesting one.

And usually so when being “sure” that we’ve figured out what our special person is doing, why they aren’t responding or what they meant to say in any given moment.


Unfortunately, the world taught us that every unpleasant communication was actually an intentional bite given by our conversational partner. This notion was instilled in us by our well-meaning but overprotective families (and sometimes friends) who tried to guard us from being overly trusting and getting hurt, exes who had actually hurt us, and everyone who ever tried to disrespect or belittle us.

Projecting is an epidemic we have become comfortable with, using any miscommunication to indulge in our wounded ego and punish someone else for it. Unfortunately, this has made our collective quest for self-confidence harder.


When we decide that we absolutely “know” someone else’s intentions, we cannot listen even when that person tells us what they believe. They could explain their intentions and we wouldn’t care.

Every time your special person doesn’t respond to your messages, reach out enough or says something you don’t appreciate, your past experiences of disrespect or the fears created in you by excessive warnings of family, friends’ dating horror stories or relationship drama seen on TV activate your ego to try and protect you by assuming the worst. Yet Law of Attraction is the only force that ensures one outcome or another, based on you being influenced by your ego or enjoying a life of self-confidence which keeps it in check.


Ego jumps out when self-confidence isn’t sufficiently present.

Herein lies the issue.

Projecting our fears onto the current reality means judging another person’s actions through our eyes. Self-confidence allows us to think about what our special person might be going through, knowing that nothing can come in the way of our relationship manifestation with them.

If you want to attract a relationship with someone special, you must realize that your behaviors are not their behaviors. Your fears are not their fears; much of the time, they don’t even know about your fears. Everyone is simply living their lives, which we must accept before manifesting a mutual change.

Anyone has the right to feel and act how they should. We should only know that their current feelings don’t get in the way of our desire, and we simply must be aware of that in order to manifest.

And by being aware of it, I mean you must decide it. If you have decided it, you will believe it even when it feels difficult. (Belief is something I can certainly help you with, by building your relationship manifestation confidence.) If you decide that a specific relationship is yours because you want it, you will calmly believe that the current reality is changing to your exact desire.


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