Case Study of a Friend – How to Use Law of Attraction to Manifest Pregnancy

How to get pregnant

Remember this story? It was published on the blog several years ago. A close friend of mine got married and wanted to get pregnant immediately. She and her husband kept trying, and she was waiting impatiently for her desire to manifest. She continued to reiterate the lack of her desired result, and stopped enjoying the process. Thinking continuously about her desire not manifesting and the pregnancy not happening, she became increasingly frustrated.

More than a year of this energy dance later, she decided to stop trying. She said, “Whenever it happens, it happens.”

A week later, she was pregnant.

I hadn’t taught her to do this. I hadn’t actively talked to her about LoA, even though she knew and saw me always believing in what I wanted and making it happen. However, she did the same, for the things that mattered most. During those years, and many to come, I needed to manifest everything! (Important or not.)

We had become close in our preteen years, continuously sharing enough experiences and observations to draw valuable lessons. Our entire adult life, she has been an easygoing, uncomplicated individual, but still determined enough to know that a pregnancy was in the cards simply because she had envisioned it.

Letting go to manifest means knowing that your desire will come to you – it doesn’t mean that you stop wanting it in your life. It means that because you want it, you have decided that it must happen and are relying on that knowing for all your faith and trust.

When your desire enters your mind, you affirm that it will happen and go back to living your life. If you feel like thinking about it, you do for as long as it feels good. If you don’t, you simply go back to doing other things. You relax because you know that it’s going to come. And it always does. This energy always leads to manifestation while tension does not.


Take note of the fact that while my friend had been trying to make it happen, she wasn’t manifesting. And why was that? It was because trying to make it happen kept her in the mindset of not having it yet. If you know that it’s going to happen, you don’t have to try, right? Knowing is as good as having it already, because the manifestation is inevitable either way. When we truly believe it’s going to happen, it always does.

Yet we often forget that true belief is something that we are supposed to decide and build ourselves.

What she did very correctly was assume that it was going to happen but stopped needing it today. It wasn’t about “if it happens;” it was about when. Whenever to be correct, because looking for it every day was preventing her manifestation from happening.

Looking for it isn’t an action of a mindset that thinks “when;” it is an action of an awareness that wonders “if.” But if you know that something is inevitably going to happen, you are okay in your current reality until it happens.


Just like my friend was for that week.

Another thing she eventually started doing correctly was deciding not to worry anymore. Worrying isn’t going to bring us tot he mindset of knowing. It isn’t going to bring us to “when” because it is a byproduct of “if.” Worrying doesn’t only make us wonder – it also makes us doubt.

If we habitually engage in worry and doubt, it’ll be very difficult to create an inner belief. Plenty of us make a mistake in thinking that we must have an ingrained belief in a desire, or else it just isn’t meant to be. But in truth, belief doesn’t always come by default. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

We don’t always just believe – plenty of times, we pretty much decide to believe. Decide that something will be ours because it makes us happy already.

Saying “whenever it happens” is also a decision of belief, and a mindset of not worrying because one’s desire is inevitably arriving. We decide that it’s going to happen, and we never have to worry about “when” ever again.

Use this example for any desire you may have. And watch how quickly putting your trust in the Universe changes your life.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

One thought on “Case Study of a Friend – How to Use Law of Attraction to Manifest Pregnancy

  1. It’s harder to conceive when you’re constantly thinking about it and stressing out about it. The moment you decide to let go and stop thinking about it is when things start to change.

    I even find that my cycles are more in sync and predictable when I’m not stressing about getting pregnant. Funny how the body works.


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