I Wanted to See a Friend and Manifested an Invite in Four Hours

Manifest a text from someone

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I wanted to share this story with you, since I’ve been working on letting go to manifest as quickly as possible. The quicker we let go, the faster we attract what we want, and I’ve managed to manifest in four hours simply by using several great Law of Attraction tips.

This happened just the other day. I finished work early and thought about how nice it would be to see some local friends. I was about to text them and then decided I would receive an invite instead.


So, I’ve been working on those enhanced techniques for letting go to manifest. Remember that “letting go” doesn’t mean forgetting about or not wanting to reach your goal anymore – it means living your life in complete trust after deciding what you want to manifest, without looking for your desire in the current reality or worrying about it. It’s simply letting it happen.

Even if all signs point to the opposite, you must have faith in the inevitability your desire. This is the only way to manifest miracles, and they can happen any second.



After deciding to manifest an invite, I hadn’t done anything for about an hour. Then I had a cup of coffee and did some light cleaning. At one point, I even checked my phone – no text invite yet. Calmly, I just switched my mind over to the next task.

I decided to take my dog for a long walk. I was very much in a walking mood, and he’s usually interested in exploring. We stopped everywhere, said hello to several people and his obvious happiness felt wonderful to me. In a sunny, bright and warm afternoon, our walk was a great mood elevator. I originally intended to rest at home but had an urge to go out, which I followed.

As we approached our home, I remembered an errand I had yet to run. An undesired thought popped into my head, saying, “It’s after five o’clock and approaching dinner time so you may not get invited.” I chose to focus on the errand instead.

I had been home for less than two minutes when suddenly, I noticed a text on my muted phone. In that moment, I remember not even assuming whom it might be from. I opened it.

It was my friend, asking what I was doing and inviting me over if I was available. Her invite arrived about four hours after I had decided to receive it, and after resting, cleaning, coffee, dog walking and planning errands. I had moved on with my day, ignored my inner questioning and received what I wanted. Shortly, my dog and I were out the door again and were soon having a wonderful time at their house and with their dog.


I had manifested messages, contacts and invites of all sorts in the past; every time, it was always about believing that I would be contacted by someone just because I had decided it. The thought of asking for it and an inevitability of a miracle because I had decided causes an irreplaceable rush of excitement, and manifestation lessons like no other.

I had manifested messages from men I was interested in, friends, coworkers, future employers (I never enjoyed sending out CVs so this one was useful!), potential business partners and people brand new to my life. And, how? Simply by believing that a miracle was going to happen and/or ignoring contradicting thoughts. Take note, it was either one of those or both.


There’s a unique rush of feelings attached to manifesting messages from a specific person, especially following a conscious decision to do so. Manifesting messages from the men I was interested in made me realize that affirming something and then truly enjoying my life while letting it happen is the only way to build my overall happiness. It is the only way to live and manifest what we want.

Stewing in the absence of our desire only leads to negative feelings, impatience and the anxiety that makes us want to jump out of our skin. Express your desire and believe in it, looking forward to it and feeling love for the life you have in the meantime.

That same love will also remove your impatience, and you will stop walking around dissatisfied about missing your desire.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

2 thoughts on “I Wanted to See a Friend and Manifested an Invite in Four Hours

    1. Hi! You’re welcome! When manifesting anything specific – a person for a relationship, an invite, a vacation, an event or a job – it’s important to stay positive and know that it’s done, as well as just enjoy your visualizations so that you don’t ever look for the manifestation but let it come. If you miss it, imagine that you have it for a few minutes, affirm it and then move on with your day! 😘


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