Why It Can Be Difficult to Manifest a Relationship With Someone Special

Manifesting love obstacles
Obstacles to manifesting love

Manifesting a relationship with someone special requires loving thoughts about the relationship, visualizing the two of you together and enjoying your belief and trust in the Universe.

Do most people follow these principles?

Usually not.

Most people see themselves in a relationship with someone only after that person has expressed interest in them. When you meet someone interested in you, you assume the Universe is telling you to consider them, right?

They like you; you like them. Great! This must be your person.

So you start to believe. Life has given you a reason in the form of visible proof. You can see it so this must be a sign to believe in your future relationship.

Manifest love easily

Then, you start seeing each other. One day, they don’t text back soon enough. What does it mean? What if they’re losing interest? Your questions pour over into worrying every day; before you know it, you stop enjoying your time together. Soon, your relationship has gone quiet.

So what has believing after seeing brought you? It has caused you to rely on the current reality for the belief in your relationship – a strategy bound to fail as soon as you encounter an event you dislike, such as an unanswered text, even though it doesn’t mean anything until you make it mean everything. And when you make an event you dislike mean everything, you manifest everything you don’t want from it.

We are all capable of attracting the wrong person, even if they express interest first so we think we can believe in the relationship easily. Only it depends on you how easily the relationship will manifest, and not on the circumstances.


We must stop assuming that circumstances we didn’t want to encounter, such as untimely responses, mean anything at all.

Because everything in life will only manifest to mean what you decide it can mean. So, you must decide that an unanswered text means nothing and your relationship is a done deal regardless. Your person is crazy about you. Stop reading into every detail because we manifest when we focus on the big picture.

We must also stop assuming that not being involved with, seeing interest from or even knowing the person yet means we can’t have a relationship with them. We can. We just have to start believing from scratch.

Knowing and experiencing chemistry with someone before believing we can be with them is no guarantee – we could still change our thoughts and lose the relationship later.

However, if we start with positive thoughts and keep those positive thoughts, we can manifest a relationship from the beginning.

If we currently have negative thoughts and switch them to consistently positive ones, we can turn the relationship around completely.

You may never assume it isn’t working.


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