What Is Positive Thinking?


Positive thinking is an essential part of a smooth manifestation process; as the part that ensures blind faith, which then ensures rapid manifestation, positive thinking is easier when we make self-confidence a priority.

Do you want to learn more about Law of Attraction but are wondering how to break it down? It comes down to thinking about your desire as yours already, knowing/trusting it is the upcoming chapter of your life (a.k.a., yours already) and visualizing it as such. Living as a positive thinker is an essential element of this because it allows you to believe that what you want is yours, simply because you have asked for it.

Mindset coaching

Positive thinking, unconditional faith, self-confidence and self-love are the four main elements of manifestation. This is the easiest, the most straightforward Law of Attraction practice. Combined with faith in the Universe, knowing that it has your back, this is a powerful manifestation formula. As an added element, intentional visualization works much better when boosted by all of the aforementioned factors.

Let’s start from the beginning.


Unconditional faith, blind faith and unconditional trust in the Universe are one and the same; this concept allows us to think about our desire as ours and visualize it as such because we are not distracted by worry and questioning.

Positive thinking allows us to stay in the knowing of our manifestation being a done deal, no matter what we momentarily see around us in our current reality.

Every Hollywood success story entails continuous belief through seemingly endless rejection, until that career-altering opportunity finally arrived. Many manifestations work this way but you shouldn’t worry about not seeing results. You should take your journey as nothing but an opportunity to keep preparing for your ideal scenarios, thinking about what exactly you want and enjoying your current life before it changes forever.

That’s another thing we don’t always talk about – every manifestation will change your life forever. Take an example of someone currently single. If this person manifested a new relationship and then decided to end it, they will have added another ex partner to their history that isn’t there right now. Both their lives would be changed and their histories forever altered; with every life alteration, there comes an entirely new range of emotions, experiences and supporting manifestations.

Every new manifested desire is a blessing but one that always comes with a set of new experiences and challenges. That’s life. Even if we aren’t manifesting a profound life change, every new event in our lives will open our eyes to some things we hadn’t considered before. Maybe you’ll have to figure out how to most enjoyably divide your time between your friends and new partner. Maybe you’ll be ready to give up some things to dedicate more time to your new dream job. Some things we aren’t consciously thinking about right now will change with new manifestations, and we’ll have to continue to stay focused on our priorities.

Knowing this, we should enjoy life the way it is today. We will soon manifest another set of desires that will change our stories.

This is thinking positive, too.

Positive thinking is persistence. Blind faith is possible because we have decided to live life as a positive thinker.


When it comes to manifestation, I often notice the following pattern.

The amount of self-love one currently possesses is in direct proportion to how deserving they feel of manifesting their desires. My answer (and coaching method) is to amp up one’s self-love to feel 100% deserving, in addition to suddenly attracting miracles in all other areas of their life due to feeling good in their own skin.

Self-confidence entails self-love, and makes it possible to assume the Universe is providing one’s manifestation simply because one wants it. In order to believe it, we must feel deserving of it, right? Self-love is the key to self-confidence. They’re both the key to a Law of Attraction lifestyle of manifesting successfully.

Deserving your most desired manifestation equals deserving all of them. Our goal shouldn’t be to only manifest this one desire. When our goal is to live on a positive autopilot, our entire lives become immersed in miracles. A positive mind will lead to positive choices every day, allowing us to automatically engage in the activities that are great for our health, happiness and wellbeing; these choices raise our level of happiness which increases our self-love, confidence and trust in our inevitable manifestation.

Positive thinking, unconditional faith, self-confidence and self-love are the four elements making LoA practice easy, which is essential to manifestation. We can’t manifest what we believe we can’t have – we have to see it as ours already.

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