Manifesting with age
Manifesting with age

Law of Attraction can be intentionally used to manifest thoughts of our desires into our physical realities, to turn visualizations into actual experiences. This process happens by building our own belief to the point of a strong conviction, choosing to think about having what we want and trusting the Universe to manifest it without interference via consciously engaging in doubts or negative thoughts. We have to stop wondering about the process yet trust the result. However, this is the exact part that becomes harder as we get older, face more disappointments and judgement from the world.

Belief gets harder as we get older, for several reasons. Disappointments, if our emotional reaction to them is strong enough and not reversed to positive, lead to more disappointments. This happens because according to LoA, our deepest feelings manifest into reality, and negative feelings become harder to reverse to positive as we get older. Disappointment hurts more with age because we feel our fragility growing as our age and sense of overall appeal change.

With continuous disappointments piling up over the years, frustration grows and a desire to see karma in action increases, which takes away focus from visualizing our desires. If we dwell on them instead of working through them, these disappointments can get in the way of building and maintaining faith in our desired outcomes. Life becomes all about overcoming instead of replacing negative feelings with positive ones, thus creating our desired experiences. And if we focus on just overcoming, we’re eliminating all the joy from life while being too busy overcoming the negative.

We don’t want to experience any disappointments in life. Our parents attempt to shield us from them so we don’t learn a healthy outlook on them. We don’t learn healthy coping mechanisms either. Once we encounter our first one, it hurts. And we don’t know how to deal so, moving forward, we try to avoid them entirely. While we’re young, we may see many options for ourselves so we move on from disappointment a little easier. We are too busy living life and chasing happiness to dwell for too long. With age, we should become more resilient; instead, we become smarter and subconsciously feel that we know how to avoid disappointments because we want to avoid pain. But disappointments still happen at times. That’s life.

Yet it doesn’t have to go in this direction – we can become stronger with age. Our confidence does not have to take a hit as we get older. We can decide and begin to feel increasingly better about ourselves, manifest our beauty and appeal, and know how special we are. We can develop the kind of confidence that enchants others, wins us opportunities and makes us comfortable being ourselves; the kind of confidence that makes us see we’re special exactly as we are.

After all, we will only be seen by the world as well as we see ourselves.

Overcoming negative emotions and situations does not have to take extensive amounts of time. We should put our focus on self-belief instead, and know we are stronger than our past sources of hurt. Some things we should just let go of, especially after learning how. Self-belief and self-love offer the ability to instantly rise above upsetting events, while many of us usually try to overcome the hurt in order to reach self-love. Disappointments should not have the power to dictate our overall happiness level.

We don’t need a reason to love ourselves – we deserve to simply because we exist. Just being here is enough to be deserving of self-love. No one was born to struggle. Struggle is something we accept or adopt, not something we deserve.

This is what I began teaching myself to do at an early age – I never wanted potential disappointments to stop me from living life. Early on, I realized how much of life is often avoided due to fearing disappointment.

When something is important to us, we should be grateful for having it instead of being afraid to lose it. This is Law of Attraction – we receive more of what we’re grateful for having.

In order to use Law of Attraction successfully and give ourselves the lives we deserve, we must invest our mental resources into developing our mental strength, overcoming trauma, knowing that momentary uncertainty still leads to the manifestation of our desires and accepting that our past can only hurt us as much as we allow it.

Luckily, self-love automatically solves all these problems. Self-love and confidence practice shifts our focus onto the right things. When we love ourselves, we can believe in our desired outcomes before seeing them in our lives.

We need that positivity and self-confidence to know how special we are, and use Law of Attraction successfully. We must see ourselves in those positive scenarios to attract them.


Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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