Steps for Manifesting Any Desire

Apply these steps to the manifestation of your desires, paying special attention to step 4.

This is an overview of what can and cannot happen if you want to manifest your desire.

1. Think as if it were yours already. Affirm, visualize and live a happy life even while being away from it (in your current reality, for now).

2. You have the power to will anything you want into being. You are also an amazing enough of a person for your desire to choose you. Love it, respect it, give it space and it will want to be in yours. If it’s a specific relationship you want, love the person more than anyone else. If it’s money, love it more than anyone does. What we love, we develop pure and positive feelings for, and that is the energy which leads to manifestation.

When manifesting, I am sure that what I want also wants me. This sense of confidence makes me want to treat my desire well, creating an environment where I know that I am the best person to have it.

3. The Universe has the power to rapidly mirror to us the miracles we dare to imagine in our lives. Think about living your desire as a true and profound part of yourself.

4. If you don’t scratch an itch that pushes you to look for signs of your desire in the current reality, you will transcend from your desire being something you want to it being who you are! That way, you will live in trust, trust your own power and see results.

How do you use Law of Attraction? Share your tips!

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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