Bold Move on a Saturday Night – My Law of Attraction Journal

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Law of Attraction in action

Law of Attraction is a functioning law of the Universe. We must harness the energy of having what we want in our lives with conviction, gratitude, visualization, trust and self-confidence in order to manifest it in our lives. We must think and visualize from the point of having it already, imagine it as ours. Because how could we attract what we can’t even imagine?

Last night, I wanted to make a move towards a desire I am manifesting. I know it’s mine already. I know its materialization is coming soon. Yet I thought that a nudge in the current reality might be an enjoyable experience for me.

So what happens when we want to make a move in the current reality towards manifesting our desire?

As you can see, I am not referring to the said nudge as something to speed up my manifestation. I am not looking at it from a lack of belief. I wanted to do it because the idea made me happy! I was ready to say what I needed to – that was my move for initiating the next stage of my manifestation.

Shortly before doing so, I became conflicted about saying anything. I knew it was mine already so why was I even considering this move in the first place? What was my reason? If it’s mine already, what was it that I wanted to accomplish? Was I doubting myself?

The conclusion was that I simply wanted to say it. I wanted to have zero fear about initiating this or anything else, just like I’m used to having zero fear about initiating friendships, communication or romantic relationships. This was about more than just my desire – this was about remembering how much I’m worth.

So I set the stage. I said the words.

If you visualize your desire but worry about its manifestation or your ability to achieve it, you are letting your own negative thoughts prevent you from experiencing the certainty of a manifestation.

We hear about having to be in alignment with our desire. This means that our thoughts must reflect having and living our desires already, as if manifested. To me, this means it’s a fact already. I’ve decided to have it so it’s going to manifest. This is a combination of trust in the Universe and self-confidence. At one point in life, I decided to believe in myself unconditionally. Even in the moments when I don’t manifest what I want from the first try, I am continuing to believe in myself and know that it’s coming soon.

We hear about being in alignment with our desires but we don’t always hear that alignment is achieved by enjoying life. You have to enjoy life now to attract even more joy, a.k.a. your desire, and you can achieve that joy by thinking about it as yours already. You will also achieve and sustain it by making joyous choices in your current life, be that in the form of thoughts or actions. You can prepare your life for your manifestation or enjoy it in other ways.

I wanted the joy of initiating this conversation. I wanted to use it to remember that I can make anything happen. However, I also remembered that I enjoy life even more when I look forward to miracles instead of pondering which moves to make.

After I said it, I got a positive answer but without a clear game plan. It made me remember that knowing is key, not what we say or don’t say. I was happy to just initiate the conversation and get a “yes.” Everything else will sort itself out.

Around nine p.m., I went to pick up dinner. My fortune cookie read, “A bold attempt is half of success.” 


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