How to Attract Someone You Miss

Attract specific person

Have you ever missed someone you very much wanted to be with? If you dwell on the sadness of this particular situation, your desire will be slow to manifest. That’s probably the opposite of what you want, right? Let’s talk about what you can do to change your focus.

Positive feelings and confidence in our unquestionable manifestation create the recipe for success. If you allow sadness to bring you down, you’ll never believe this relationship is possible. You attract what you want once deciding it’s yours already, and sticking to that decision will always ensure a quick manifestation.

At times, you may not have known exactly how to picture a happy relationship. To start, we must pull you out of those negative feelings of missing someone because they’ll stop you from visualizing what you want!

Let’s pull you out of them. Every time you start missing your specific person, start imagining what you’d be doing if you were together and in love right now! Remember to do this. Also, don’t stop living your life just because you miss the one you want to be with! If you start focusing on your happy relationship and live a happy life in the meantime, your manifestation will soon arrive. Positive energy from both life and visualization will change your focus, raise your vibration and manifest your desire.

Our thoughts and feelings create our realities – this is Law of Attraction. When manifesting any of my past relationships and my marriage, I would imagine being together. I’d imagine my husband and I happily in love even though it took us two months to go on our first date due to living and working on different continents. If you want to be with a specific person, mentally live out romantic scenarios with them and just watch as they begin to appear in your life!

Consider this amazing love story all yours, and the current reality will mirror it.

STOP missING your person by visualizing you TOGETHER! 

Think about how good it feels to see the love in your person’s eyes. Don’t think about missing them – imagine them loving you! When you do that, your thoughts reflect the two of you being together and since thoughts become things, this is how your relationship will manifest.

Use the methods below to start living in alignment with your desired relationship.

send heart energy to your specific person!

Did you know you can actually touch a specific person and put yourself in their thoughts by sending them heart energy? Very few experts have spoken about this process and even fewer described how easy it is. Sending heart energy means sending the energy of love to another person using your thoughts and feelings. With this practice, you will begin to feel closeness instead of distance.


Don’t be someone you don’t even like! Being unmotivated, dwelling on negative thoughts and failing to recognize your own qualities will not make you feel good nor keep you on a high vibration. Be someone your person deserves; someone you see worthy of them. The person worthy of your person is also one you’re worthy of being!

I make sure to remain the person I want to be by keeping my confidence in check. Self-confidence is a big part of who I am, and it goes hand-in-hand with maintaining a positive personality. I’m always honest. When asking for something, keeping my confidence non-dependent of any possible answer allows me to take nothing personally (and because of that relaxed energy, gets me what I want from the first or second try).

Which brings me to my next point…


No – that’s just looking for obstacles when we should affirm that nothing is an obstacle! Law of Attraction knows no obstacles as long as you don’t either, since it mirrors our inner world by creating it in the current reality. Thinking that there are obstacles will only end up creating them; believing there are none only creates an easy and enjoyable manifestation!

Don’t be upset about the current reality and don’t take it personally – the sooner it stops distracting you, the sooner you will focus on your desire. Accept things the way they are and you will allow yourself to focus on the way you want them to be, leaving any negative feelings about the current reality behind.

(As long as you feel hopeless about the current reality and its perceived obstacles, you won’t be able to manifest your desire. Remember that.)


You can’t manifest love with a specific person if you spend every other day wondering about its possibility. You have to trust the Universe to provide everything you want and maintain focus on your desired relationship. Right now, you might be worrying or missing your person, when you should be spending all that time visualizing your mutual happiness.

Every time I manifested a relationship, I could have thought about us not being together yet. I could have worried about the way my desire might unfold, and I could have doubted its possibility. I could have obsessed about when our next conversation would occur instead of visualizing the most miraculous and romantic scenarios I could think of. I could have failed to use my imagination and with that, failed to experience the magic of a love manifestation.


Imagination is inspiring, and more than useful to the visualization process. Spend time visualizing having what you want, and you’ll manifest all your desires.

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Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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