Focus on Yourself to Attract a Specific Person!

Attract love with the one
Attract love with the one

In friendships, family relationships, work, school and financial success, you already know that you should feel deserving to manifest your desires using LoA. You want to visualize living your desires as clearly as you can see your current reality, and feeling deserving allows you to do so.

You could be happy with your career or other areas of life while manifesting love causes you confusion. Why isn’t it just as easy? Why can’t you see yourself happily living the relationship you want? You easily attract money, great friendships and generally feel good about yourself but why isn’t love the same? Are you meant to be struggling, and why?

Usually, we struggle because we focus on the person we want instead of ourselves, and begin to dwell on what they might be thinking, whether they like us or whether we can even manifest a relationship with them. We want to turn those questions into belief and self-confidence.

Today, your struggle is over. Your mindset will be re-framed, and you will easily begin to attract a better love life.

You may have been trying to figure out how to create a love life that keeps you happy every day and live in the relationship of your dreams. You may have also been wondering why this hasn’t happened for you just yet. You may be feeling positive for most of the day, only for your positive focus to get lost in worry by the day’s end. Why is your life, partially or fully, filled with things you don’t want? This can be upsetting, and you deserve the support.

You can achieve the kind of positive thinking you’ll just sail along with, and manifest your relationship with it.

If (a part of) your life isn’t filled with dream-come-true circumstances just yet, you are not feeling loving enough towards yourself or confident enough in your desire. In terms of LoA, self-love means believing your desires will inevitably manifest, and confidence in your desires means thinking about them or visualizing them with love, knowing you are getting them.

With that, you must contradict any negative thoughts with an affirmation. Decide that these thoughts are meaningless, and your desired direction is exactly where life is going next.

Decide and believe that your specific person wants to be with you! Decide that they want you because you make them the happiest they’ve ever been, love them the right way, and treat them the best they’ve ever been treated. If you want someone’s love, you have to be prepared to give them yours. Make them feel special and you will feel good about yourself in the process.

You have to focus on feeling good about yourself in order to believe in the possibility of your desire! We usually feel poorly about ourselves when we focus on everyone else instead.


I remember a relationship that ended in my mid-twenties. Moving on was much more important to me than getting back together – I wanted to be happy every day, having decided that moving on would get me there much faster. I had pinpointed my priority, as we should do in any manifestation because the more specific we are, the faster we manifest. My priority was happiness, and my happiness tested in a life without my ex. Had my priority and the source of my happiness been in getting back together, I still would have had to put myself on the pedestal. I would have had to praise myself, affirm my qualities and feel deserving of a miracle. I would have had to know I deserved the relationship I wanted to be in.

The Universe has the power to manifest anything we truly believe we can have. You have to believe you can have the relationship you want! Rely on the Universe for your belief, and not on the current behavior of your person.

You should visualize and get used to thinking about “my partner/spouse” daily! Let “my partner/spouse” be the first thought your mind goes to when your person’s name comes up. Your desire will begin to manifest rapidly; it will be miraculous and you should embrace that miracle.

So, what kind of mindset will help you achieve this focus? The better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll feel about the relationship. It all comes down to you! Everything you manifest is about your mindset, even a relationship with another person.


We attract everything. Everything. When we fear that our specific person will choose someone else over us, this isn’t something that’s happening outside of our control – this is something we are manifesting. Our person can be interested in someone else but the moment you affirm that they are only interested in you, you begin to attract it instead. Then, you must stay positive every day, throughout any circumstances. Visualize what you want to see, and you will soon see results.

If you want to be with someone, don’t analyze their every word. This is how misunderstandings happen. I have certainly seen people give up on their significant others just to regret it later, and usually due to a perceived offense that had nothing to do with their person’s true intentions. We often take such offense and decide that someone is wrong for us but what if projecting our insecurities onto their intentions is the real problem?

Half of today’s marriages end in divorce so maybe we should rethink our approach to love, relationships and communication. For one, maybe we shouldn’t give up on people so easily. Maybe we shouldn’t assume their motivations are always negative. Maybe we should assume everyone is simply doing the best they can.

Maybe we should take equal responsibility in the dynamics of any relationship. Once we do that, we’ll be able to focus on ourselves. Dwelling on what happened in the past ends when we take the responsibility for our part of it; only after doing so can we know whether or not we truly want to be with someone.

Can the person you want make you happy? You must know what you want first! Only when you feel good about yourself will you know what you truly want. If the thought of being with your person fills you with love, manifest a relationship with them. If the thought of being with a different (type of) person does, manifest that instead. However, this also requires focusing on you first. You can’t truly discover what you want without focusing on yourself, looking within and deciding where you see your happiness.

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Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

4 thoughts on “Focus on Yourself to Attract a Specific Person!

  1. I love your work, however it would be nice to see some of your posts talk about or include attracting new love instead of always about someone we may already know

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    1. Hi! I like that! You’re right, there hasn’t been as much lately about attracting new love as there has been about attracting an ex, and it should be more balanced. I appreciate your reminder so much!


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