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2 Ways to Improve a Frustrating Relationship

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your relationship, even if you love your partner and want to stay together? Do you feel that coordinating mutual dynamics is painful and always riddled with unnecessary challenges when it should be easy?

Improving a frustrating relationship is one of the most difficult processes to start and gratifying results to achieve. When you begin to tread into positive action, Law of Attraction will reward you with more substantial improvement.

But you should consider making that first step, because you deserve better. You deserve the love and romance of a relationship you want, every day.



Keep in mind that every time you ask, pressure or beg your partner to change their actions in your relationship, you are taking yourself one step further away from getting what you want! People don’t respond well to pressure, especially in relationships. Many work well under pressure in a professional setting but relationships demand much stronger ability to face yourself and deliver, as they touch on our personal sources of self-value.

If you did something wrong in your relationship, how would you want to be approached by your specific person? Approach them the same way and you will surely get the reaction and improvement you seek! Hurting your person with insensitive words just because you are angry at them won’t solve anything; it especially won’t make you feel better in the long run. Don’t miss out on the chance to get what you want for instant gratification that will only make you feel even emptier afterwards.

Admitting your weakness and imperfections to your special person makes you feel vulnerable, right? Well, they feel vulnerable as well when you tell them how much they’ve disappointed you. When you do this, you don’t make your person “wake up!” and do the right thing – you make them feel bad about themselves, just like you would in their shoes.

2. KNOW THAT this is hard on them, too.

Remember a time when your relationship was good? Your person does as well, and they want it back. Relationship frustration is never a one way street; both sides must keep moving towards their common goal.

In your frustration, you might start thinking that your person doesn’t care. You might think they want you to conform to their idea of your relationship. They don’t. They want to feel that familiar passion and love for you again.

You might wonder how knowing this could possibly improve your relationship. On the other hand, don’t you feel at least a little compassion knowing that your person struggles with the same issues? Doesn’t it make you want to make things better, maybe even make the first move towards improvement?



Taking positive action will result in positive feedback, which will result in a rush of positive feelings leading to new levels of manifestation.


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