How to Capture the Feeling of Having What You Want

Remember my classic piece of advice? “Capture the feeling of having what you want. Enjoy it, allow yourself to know that it’s yours and manifesting 100% then keep living your life?”

It’s all in the solidifying the knowing of your desire being yours. You know it’ll happen. You can visualize it, or not. You don’t even have to think about it if you don’t want to; if you do, make sure you imagine having what you want in the happiest of ways.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to be in a relationship with someone specific – take a deep breath and thank the Universe for the relationship. You have decided to have it and now, it’s yours. The Universe created it as soon as you asked for it. Imagine a situation that describes your happiness of this relationship being in your life – a romantic moment, living together, a wedding… Then, take another deep breath and let it go to the Universe. Know that the Universe is making it happen. Now, you can relax; it’s coming.

Assuming that what you want is yours will allow you to live your life while living in gratitude. You will be confident, happy and in love.


When we have a strong desire to attract an experience or a person, that desire can sometimes turn into need. Finding ourselves scrambling to believe or looking for our manifestation will soon exhaust us; it will also not lead to manifestation, as we will be working from the need instead of conviction.

Let’s say you want to attract that same specific relationship we mentioned earlier. You can either live in the knowing, amazing visualizations and gratitude, or worry whether or not your relationship manifest, experiencing all of the anxiety that comes from a lack of belief. You can Spotify the most romantic song in the world and imagine dancing with The One, or frantically check your phone every five minutes for a text. I think we both know which one would feel better.

And, which one would be more fun. And enjoyable. And conducive to manifestation.

Let yourself relax and allow the idea of having what you want lead you!

When you let your desire go to the Universe to manifest, remember that you asked for it, so you must receive it. Enjoy the certainty of your manifestation! It’s now yours so you can just live your life and allow it to come. Knowing that it’s yours feels great and will keep you on a high vibration, something that you need to manifest.

I remember this one particularly ridiculous desire I had. Think something that doesn’t happen in real life – that’s the level it was on. I believed in it quietly, without sharing my thoughts with anyone. What I remember the most is that believing in something so outrageous made me feel so happy! It felt great to have that level of faith, knowing, optimism and confidence, and this shot my awareness to a very high vibration. When we are on a high vibration, we are aligned with our desires and can manifest them; capturing the feeling of having our desire is a great way to get there.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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