“Why Can I Manifest Everything Except a Specific Person?”

Manifesting blocks

I’ve been asked this questions many times – Law of Attraction practitioners want to understand why manifestation success is easy for all but their one greatest desire. Usually, this desire is a relationship with a specific person but it can also be money, a home, a car or a job.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Why is manifesting everything except for one thing so commonly experienced?


Letting go means not worrying about your desire manifesting because you know that it’s done.


When it comes to one’s biggest desires, it’s easy to fall into search mode rather than knowing. A strong desire can emphasize the wanting instead of the having, and place one’s awareness on inadvertently searching for their manifestation in the current reality.

Searching for your desire in the current reality will only postpone its manifestation. Your goal is to decide and accept that your desire belongs to you already and there is no searching or work to be done. You are to think positive, relax and allow it to happen; only then can you take inspired action and live in confidence.

It all begins with knowing.


This part is an equal mix of the previous two. Not trusting the process, not thinking positive and not living your life leads to clinging onto the process instead of allowing for manifestation.

Affirming and truly believing in your desire because you decided to have it, staying positive about it, without proof and until it comes, and loving this beautiful life you are going to experience these miracles in is your path to manifestation.


When manifesting a specific person and creating your relationship via visualizations, the knowing of it being yours already, from the moment you decided you wanted it, has to be chosen. Choose an outcome and choose to believe in it; this is how you’ll keep your energy light and yourself trusting.

Knowing doesn’t always happen naturally – while using LoA, we sometimes have to decide something and choose to trust the Universe to bring it. No matter how unnatural this might feel, it will bring you what you want!

It (always!) does to me.

When manifesting money, it’s particularly important to think of it as normal.

If you want to manifest a home, imagine and visualize the best parts about having a home. Choosing furniture, lounging in front of your entertainment setup and generally feeling grateful that this amazing space is yours are major parts of this.

When manifesting a job, imagine yourself in the room. Whatever the room is – the office, a classroom, a studio, home office or a restaurant – picture being there right now, having all your desired success.

You might think that imagining and visualizing your desire is ridiculous; however, only when you can imagine it will you be able to attract it.

Several clients have told me, “I want to have a new car. I want to attract it. Do I manifest the money first or do I attract it as a gift? Do I win it in a contest? What should I do?”

Imagine, then visualize driving it. No matter how you got it, it’s now yours.


The more we choose not to worry, the better Law of Attraction works.

Worrying and looking for your desire only slows down the manifestation process. Know that what you want is yours and be capable of living without it until it manifests. Find happiness in other things – you will get what you want soon and you may as well enjoy life until it happens. After all, you can always visualize your desire and feel like it’s with you.

And that’s how you’ll manifest that special desire you want the most.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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