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I love sharing with you all the things I manifest and learn, in addition to everything I’ve learned to manifest better, faster and even more enjoyably.

I have been told that personal examples inspire fast and effective manifestation methods, as well as encourage positive use of Law of Attraction all around (since we can use LoA to manifest what we want or, unfortunately, attract what we don’t want – this is why positive thinking matters!). Personal examples with lessons included can set anyone on the correct manifestation path towards their dreams. When you understand how someone feels about something, it makes you realize how you feel – and how you think. So I decided to base this blog on those examples from now on. They will help us manifest even better.


There is no downside to sharing personal examples yet there’s everything to gain. I have shared and heard personal examples during coaching, and I feel that sharing my own can help anyone manifest whatever they want. I will tell you how I feel and everything my feelings have caused me to manifest; the positive will be an inspiration, the incomplete an exercise in patience. Everything in between will be a lesson in positive thinking, self-confidence and trust in the Universe.

I hope that my personal examples will also be useful in learning the concept of letting go to manifest. This means trusting in your desire being a done deal already created by the Universe, and allowing it to happen without dwelling on worries, especially those in the current reality. When we know it’s ours already, that knowing provides enough emotional security to keep us patient until manifestation.

If you aren’t sure your desire will manifest, then you don’t believe 100% yet. But you could! Allow yourself to believe.

This is Human Psychology 101 – when we know that we’re getting what we want, we magically become trusting, radiant, patient and content. When we order a cup of coffee, we trust that it’s coming. When we order a dish in a restaurant, we know that it’s coming. And we can do the same with our desires.

Use this blog to trust the Universe – because when we do, we attract.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

2 thoughts on “FROM NOW ON, WE GET PERSONAL!

  1. Hi Nina, I think these personal examples make people relate to your thoughts, learnings and even create their own story about growth, challenges and reawakening the fighting spirit. Of late, I’ve been reading Untamed where Glennon Doyle takes us through some powerful personal experiences which sure leave a mark.. I’d recommend a look through if you haven’t already 🙂

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