When Manifesting Love Isn’t Your True Priority – Examples from My Teens

6 thoughts on “When Manifesting Love Isn’t Your True Priority – Examples from My Teens”

  1. Hi love! Just wondering, how did you actually move past this block? Because I’m experiencing the exact same thing, and although I love myself, I’m still afraid of how much love may impede my other goals.
    Lots of love

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    1. Hi dear! I have – there’s more on it in the article including the examples from my twenties. I began prioritizing love, seeing it as a wonderful part of life and I am now married. Maybe another article on the subject would help explain this further. Thank you so much for your feedback!


      1. Thank YOU for replying, and being so kind! Also, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. Even though it’s my first time contacting you personally (I’m a bit lazy, you see hehe) I have followed your content for a long time, and you were the missing piece to one of my biggest goals to date! I could never thank you enough for that.
        I’ll follow your advice on this too 😉

        Ps. I’m so happy for your success and that you’ve found love in the midst of it. Totally deserved!

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    2. Clarification – I wrote that I have gotten past it but I didn’t make it clear in the previous reply that I moved past the block was BY changing my view of relationships and seeing them as wonderful as they can be. I started seeing them as an enriching part of life. We must appreciate what we want to have!


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