How to Stay Cool and Manifest a Positive Outcome During Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Outage

Instagram outage 2021

We are currently experiencing an outage of Facebook and two other social media and messaging apps owned by the same corporation – Instagram and WhatsApp. Let’s use Law of Attraction and apply some self-care methods in order to focus on ourselves instead of the outage and use the this “wait” time for relaxation.

First, let’s remember that these apps will be back and running smoothly again soon. Don’t worry about changing careers or your business channels just yet! This corporation has the resources to repair and reboot their apps, which have made various aspects of our lives easier. Remember that we’re grateful for being able to access and use them, and how much they’ve made communication easier.

Right now, you might be panicking at these apps’ lack of functionality due to work that needs to be shared through them. Maybe you’re used to keeping in touch with your loved ones with their help. Right now, take a deep breath, and see this outage as an opportunity. Having returned, these apps will only work better. They might be improved. There hasn’t been an outage of their functionality in a long time, and given the considerable number of their users and the support needed for them to operate on such a massive scale, they are doing great. Once in a while, this is bound to happen. And it’s okay.

Do you use Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram for work? Take this outage as a sign to relax. The accessibility of these social media channels can lead to work exhaustion easily, and it can be difficult to sent boundaries. Don’t worry about work – let your boss who expects you to work overtime without pay worry. You just sit back and relax! Once you realize how beneficial taking care of yourself is, you will begin to incorporate more self-care routines into your day.

Were you in the middle of a therapy or life coaching session at the start of this outage? Take a deep breath and tell yourself you can get through this day. You are strong enough to get through it on your own, finish your work, engage in an activity that makes you feel good, eat a delicious dinner, fall asleep and start over tomorrow. This is your opportunity to allow yourself to live in the moment. Doing this will empower you. It’ll make you see how much you’re capable of. This is your chance.


  1. I don’t use social media anymore – gave it up in 2019! I do however, use WhatsApp, so this outage has affected me somewhat.

    Perhaps the takeaway from this outage is that we cannot rely so much on social media to stay connected, and that maybe it’s time to do some inner work. These apps aren’t bad per day – they are a tool just like anything else. However, I do feel like the majority of society is addicted to social media and that we should all be mindful of how these apps have impacted our lives….for better or for worse!

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