When You Can’t See Your Manifestation and it Hurts Your Belief

Manifest Your Desire

This is a common occurrence that tends to be confusing to many. You want to believe in your desire manifesting but are basing this belief in the (lack of) evidence around you.

Basing your belief on the current reality comes from need; basing your belief on your conviction and trust in the Universe regardless of the (lack of evidence) comes from knowing LoA.

I remember an instance of having a middle school crush. I wasn’t getting the attention I wanted from him. We were friendly but nothing more, which was annoying. Months later, I decided to drop the frustration – time with my girlfriends and fun activities were more enjoyable than thinking about a boy so I focused on those enjoyable things. At the same time, I told myself he would soon be pursuing me and giving me attention.

Several weeks later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Between my decision and him shooting his shot, I saw maybe two signs that my desire was manifesting. At somebody’s birthday party, he gave me a compliment. I was very happy about it but we didn’t pay noticeable attention to each other for the rest of the party while group dynamics ruled. Nothing more than that. However, instead of continuing to look for signs, I just decided to keep believing; it allowed me to avoid overthinking, avoid the need and keep having fun with my friends. And it got me what I wanted.

Middle school or not, this example has aged very well (a.k.a., it’s relevant at any age). It describes Law of Attraction at work, and the positive awareness it takes to manifest a desire.


If you’re having a difficult time believing in your desire manifesting because everything you’re seeing looks like the opposite, it will only make you want to look for it in your current reality. It won’t make you believe because you aren’t working from the place of trust to begin with. You already aren’t sure that what you want is possible.

Law of Attraction rewards trusting the Universe to manifest your desire. This implies thinking positive, and knowing you deserve it.

It also implies believing because you trust the Universe, even if you can’t see any proof. It is up to you to create your belief, even when starting with zero proof, and holding onto that belief it until manifestation happens because things can change in any moment, seemingly out of nowhere.

You’re basing your belief on the current evidence/reality because you are currently driven by need, not trust. We’ve already said that but what does it really mean?

Need means choosing not to believe due to a lack of proof, and it can only lead to a lack of manifestation.

So, how will this play out in your life?

Being driven by need will increasingly drive you to try and change the current reality instead of putting your energy and thoughts into your ideal one while allowing them to replace each other.

Don’t like your job? You want to be seeing, visualizing yourself in your ideal circumstances of a new job or your desired changes in the current one. What you don’t want is to focus on how much you dislike your job or how much things simply have to change! Focusing on the need for change can only lead to even more of the same experience.

“I hate my job and I need a new one right now!!” can only lead to the same circumstances needing that change even more, a.k.a. the same level of dissatisfaction.

Stay in your job. Do it well. At the same time, choose to be grateful that you’re leaving it soon because you’ve decided that a new, wonderful job is yours. When we picture having something we love, we only want to think about it even more because it feels good! This is also self-love because it entails knowing just how amazing life is about to get as you receive everything you deserve.

What if you feel,

“I am upset by my relationship status with the person I chose. I want it to change now! I need for it to change. How can it change?”

Stop looking for ways.

Instead, express gratitude daily for your amazing relationship and visualize what exactly being in that amazing relationship means to you. Visualize the relationship as you want it to be!

The more you do it, the more natural it will feel. And the more time you will want to spend thinking about your amazing life.

Don’t be afraid to start today. It doesn’t matter that you can’t see any proof now. Your path might be invisible today but you’re still on it.

Invisible doesn’t mean nothing is happening – believe that it will because the belief, either negative or positive, manifests.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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