Manifesting in 2022

Happy 2022, everyone!!! Here it is, and here we go!

I’ve been thinking about my personal Law of Attraction practice and the permanent improvements I want to bring into it starting this year. My new and improved methods are also yours to use and hopefully be inspired by!

I will ignore all resistance and negativity that comes up – it does nothing but SLOW DOWN my manifestation!

Negative thoughts suck! It really is that simple. Invited or simply appearing as a result of being victimized by our brains, these thoughts serve as reminders of “what could go wrong” but they are not something we have to listen to!

So why do we constantly act like we do?

I mean…why? We don’t even have the answer for why we do it – we just do it. We just listen until we actually believe and manifest them, often without a good reason. And every time something undesirable manifests in my life or the lives of my friends and family, I am reminded of that fact. A negative mindset happens because we don’t have a productive method of managing our worries and fears.

Whenever I feel a reactionary pang in my heart – an immediate spark of resistance telling me that a momentary desire might not work out – I will dismiss it immediately. I won’t become annoyed with it because I won’t even be acknowledging it the second after it happens.

I will offer gratitude for the continuous miracles manifesting into my life as soon as I wake up in the morning!

This one I already practice but also know that it can be easy to forget. If you’re someone who gets out of bed ready to go instead of consciously taking some “me” time before starting your day, affirming before doing anything else might not come naturally to you.

That is why I always keep this affirmation simple, and think about having everything I want when I say it.

Imagine having everything you want, right now. Aren’t you happy? Don’t you love that feeling? This is the energy I want to bring into every single day, and this affirmation serves that goal.

I will always hold myself to the highest confidence, self-love, positive thinking and manifestation standards.

I have very clear ideas on what I want my lifestyle to be, and I’m a very firm believer in wanting all your desires so much that you have to make them happen with your belief.

(Think about that one!)

I hold myself and my desires for my life in high standards, as I remain aware of everything I deserve. In 2021, I became very aware of restructuring my lifestyle which is a source of great inspiration for me. This year is off to a good start.

I will practice all of these resolutions better than ever.

What do you think of these resolutions?

Do you have any of your own?

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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