When We See Those Who Manifested What We Want

I want what they have relationships

Whenever I was manifesting a love relationship, I got excited at the sight of happy couples because each and every one of them reminded me of my relationship. Famous couples, couples that looked nothing like us but their PDA reminded me of what I wanted ours to be, couples whose words about each other described how I felt about my relationship – all of them made me recognize some kind of similarity with my own relationship, causing positive emotion in me. Due to such emotional boost, I would always manifest my own relationship circumstances easily.

(And when I say “my relationship,” I mean my desired and decided relationship with the person of my choice. See what you want as yours already from the moment you decide that you want it!)

When in this state of ultimate happiness, the amount of time from deciding I would manifest a relationship with someone to the exact manifestation happening was practically non-existent. This level of positive energy is very powerful. I knew that every relationship I ever wished to experience was mine from the beginning and both of us would almost immediately start expressing the fondness we had for each other. Before I knew it, we would both be bragging about becoming a couple.

Let’s focus on the part of seeing other happy couples around us. Why is it important to be happy when seeing others have what we want?

When seeing a happy couple, your first thought might be jealousy but you must overcome it. When we do, we are filled with love towards others, ourselves and our lives – and that’s when we manifest! Seeing another couple makes us see that manifesting love is possible and this should give us comfort in knowing we can do the same.

If you are truly manifesting your relationship from the heart, you will naturally be happy when seeing happy couples.

If happiness is not the feeling you are experiencing, your heart is not in your relationship fully which is an inner circumstance you can change. More importantly, this is a circumstance you must change because if you choose to be in a happy relationship, you are meant to receive it and when having something, we are just as happy for others who are experiencing the exact same thing.



Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

19 thoughts on “When We See Those Who Manifested What We Want

    1. They are with the person, they don’t own the person. Be happy for them or simply ignore the current reality but know that what you want is yours.

      Once, I suddenly thought someone I knew was a great boyfriend because I saw the way he was treating his girlfriend. I thought, “She’s lucky to have him” but didn’t think past that.

      Later on, they broke up and I dated him next.


  1. The love you have manifested in your life were all short-lived because that was your intention? What about the guys? Were they heart-broken since you would break it off when you felt you were no longer happy in their love? You could have used LoA to make it last till the end? Sorry all my questions actually relate to me. I want to use LoA for one love in my life which will last but not sure if it will be. Since relationships are meant to undergo hard times when we are not happy but change our ways and make it work and keep each other happy? Is manifesting love using LoA real and true love?


    1. I used LoA to be with them as long as I wanted to. Once, I knew the relationship was not working anymore and met up with the guy to break up with him but he had said it first. Things work out for the best.

      I manifested a long-term relationship once when I was ready for it and I will do it again. There were times I went into a relationship with the idea of lasting long but didn’t feel like being in it a little while after it started. I had changed my mind.

      When someone was involved that I could see staying with for a longer period of time, I did, but so far, I didn’t want to stay with anyone forever. However, if you want to with your person and you love them enough, you can.

      You can make a relationship work as long as you want to stay with someone and put good feelings into being with someone. Manifesting love with LoA is absolutely real and you can manifest true love with it. If you met “the one,” you can manifest lasting love with them.


  2. This post is true.
    I keep seeing couples with babies.
    I’ve started to believe in everything I see now, and take everything as a sign, i was rationalizing everything before and telling myself not to read into everything, probably to protect myself from getting hurt, then I realized it was because I wasn’t believing in anything, anymore. So then I changed it to see everything as a sign. Even the smallest things.
    Then just a few days ago, even when I had my freak out, again, the other day on here, I was noticing that I was SEEING all these couples with babies.
    I remember thinking there’s to many of them for it to be just a coincidence. Pregnant woman also.

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    1. It was definitely no coincidence, they reflected your focus 😀 And so many signs! Love it! You know you can do anything you want and manifest anything you want 😀 xx


  3. Do you believe that two people can stay in love forever?
    Or the excitement, the passion, the butterflies and the in love feeling has to inevitably pass?


    1. Love is different than butterflies and excitement but yes, I do 🙂 If love is great enough, there are no limits.


      1. I know it is different, but I want to stay in love not just love him. 🙂
        A lot of people say that the in love feeling only last for maybe 2 years, but can it last forever ? With the same passion and intensity? 🙂


      1. I do! I think that we can all find that special person to manifest that kind of love with 😀


    1. Because experience and fears form beliefs. Many have had bad experiences which they didn’t think they could recover from but we can all do anything we want. Few dare to believe but only those that do end up living exceptional lives.


  4. Now I find the answers!! Thank you!! I was so happy when heard that my cousin was doing good with her bf after a long disagreement. I felt extremely happy for them and at the moment, it’s weird because i didn’t know why I feel like that. And when my friend told me she’s getting married next year. But after reading your post, it all makes sense.


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