Once inflicted with impatience to manifest, many Law of Attraction practitioners give in. They allow themselves to be guided by this feeling instead of managing it. Once it pulls you in, impatience creates resistance to believing in and receiving your desire, therefore we have to avoid it at all costs. Today, we need to talk about how to reject this negative pull.

When my husband and I disagree, I sometimes feel the need to work it out immediately. He prefers to process our disagreements in private, feeling that it ultimately leads to a more productive solution on his part. I choose to not act on my need for one reason – I know that if I did, I would be acting from an awareness of being in a disagreement. When this happens, we are aware that things are not okay and want to fix them. This would probably lead to a disagreement continuing, because what’s in our minds attracts what comes into our lives.

So, why would anyone act on their need to make up immediately if the other person wants some space? Because they are acting on their own impatience, and impatience comes from both need and fear. Why do people look for their desires in the current reality, instead of believing those desires belong to them already? Because they are acting on impatience, afraid of the continued absence of the said desire and needing to see proof of manifestation.

Yet nothing postpones manifestation faster than impatience. And, nothing fuels impatience like fear. Fear is what creates resistance. Impatience leads to the awareness of not having your desire, and a fear of never manifesting it becomes resistance to your belief. You need to make up. You need to see proof. You are afraid it won’t happen, so you need even more. And you become consumed with those negative emotions instead of belief.

This will not speed up your manifestation.

So, what will?

Place this in the context of wanting to manifest a relationship with someone special but not hearing from them at all (or at least about wanting to seal the deal). Does this particular dose of the current reality affect your belief? We use Law of Attraction to manifest successfully when we don’t focus on the current reality today but allow our desires to come to us instead. When we are okay with our life today because we can look forward to receiving what we want. This is the definition of patience, and believe it or not, it is patience about the present day that that manifests our desires rapidly. Remaining patient will bring what we want, and soon; looking for it int he current reality will postpone it.

Patience is a virtue especially in manifestation – it can be difficult to practice but once you do, it becomes your friend in manifestation. Practicing patience is a fundamental part of letting go to manifest, a.k.a. letting go of the worry and believing before seeing. If you believe, you don’t worry. So, let’s talk about how to find and practice patience from within.


This is why I don’t engage in the need to talk it out immediately. Instead, I believe we’ll work it out, which is what I want. I ignore the temporary need and focus on my ultimate goal; when I do that, I believe in the goal which feels good to think about and eliminates my short-term need (yes, that’s what happens!).

Need causes fear, which equals worry, and worry is the fastest eliminator of patience. Yet it is up to us to manage our worry.

Therefore, I choose to affirm that we have worked it out already, visualize a happy scenario if I feel like it, and believe.

The Universe wants us to manage our belief because the Universe manages our entire manifestation. And it wants us to manage it because we can – we just have to decide to believe.


After an argument or a lack of contact, the need to change the current reality now sometimes comes from the need to be shown that we are still loved and desired.

But instead of wanting to see it, we must believe it deep down. Before seeing it.

In order to do that, we must believe that the person we chose cares about us. They want to be happy with us. If we can believe it because we want to see it, we will indeed see this soon.

True belief creates patience.

In any disagreement, both parties want to return to agreeing. Of course they do! No one wants to disagree. Your partner or the person you are looking to manifest a relationship with (and you should already be thinking about that person as “my partner!”) wants to live the happiest possible scenario with you. Everyone wants to be so in love that nothing gets in the way. Believe that this is meant to be for you two, and allow the Universe to make it happen.


Acting on your desire in the current reality is encouraged only when fuelled by the conviction of your desire being yours. This is not impatience – it’s passion! However, acting because the current reality is upsetting you and you want to fix it (i.e., initiating contact mainly because you’re afraid of losing your person) will only leave you insecure. You will not believe any more just because you see some proof in the current reality if deep down, you are afraid of losing what you want. Therefore, you aren’t convinced that it’s truly yours.

Don’t worry about what to do – worry about how easily you can believe. And you should believe so easily that the absence of your desire today doesn’t scare you. Believe so easily that it has no other choice but to appear.

Believe so easily that your desire has no choice but to appear. #manifestation

I’ve always said it – you can act on your desire only after you create belief. And what if you start believing, and the person you desire acts on it so fast you don’t even have to? Allow it to happen. It feels great, I promise.

In conclusion, impatience is manageable. Patience is possible. Even if it seems difficult to achieve right now, remember that believing in miracles makes everything easier. When we expect miracles, patience comes along for the ride.


Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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