Having a positive personality manifests your desires on autopilot while also affecting how people see you, both correctly and incorrectly.

Some people will dismiss your positive personality as “cute,” “misguided” or “innocent.” These particular individuals don’t know life very well and might not be able to see how strong you are at first glance.

Because here’s the biggest truth…

Positive thinking is for strong people.


Positive thinking requires strength. Expecting the best while constantly ignoring your inner resistance requires the kind of strength and determination these uninformed people don’t have!

It’s easier to be negative than to be positive.


Every time a coaching client who lives in a positive mindset told me that those closest to them dismiss their way of thinking, I knew that negative people needed to be unmasked. What makes their lack of optimism an authority on life? Absolutely nothing. Ask anyone who improved their life using positive thinking, and they will tell you the same.

I will not allow my readers to feel publicly unsupported in their positive thinking. If negative individuals don’t mind dismissing you, they shouldn’t mind my open explanation of why they do so (yet they probably will!).

Here are the reasons why the dismissively negative people are threatened by those who believe in themselves.


A client told me that her closest friends called her positive thinking “a waste of time” while simultaneously complaining about their own lives. She began looking for new friends.

Negative individuals will dismiss a positive mindset because struggle is all they know. And it makes them feel better to see others struggle as well. It makes them feel like life is difficult for everyone, which they hope will assuage their own perception of being ordinary.

Have you ever seen a negative individual who had everything they wanted in life? Probably not. Negative individuals are indeed negative because they believe their greatest desires are out of reach! They believe that everyone is ordinary, and that successful people simply got lucky. They won’t believe in your positive thinking – they think you’re naive to believe you’ll be one of the “lucky” ones.

Positive people assume what they want belongs to them. They’re happy! Negative people try to bring down their faith, afraid of having to see them even happier.

We manifest the energy we put out into the Universe, so we should always radiate the energy of living our dreams. Negative people will call this naive. Each and every one of our energies should reflect a person living their dream life; with that demeanor, negative individuals will soon stop approaching you. Your positivity will keep them away.


Do you know who mistakes positivity for weakness or innocence? People who allow their their subconscious minds to rule their lives, living the same experiences over and over again and wondering why nothing better ever happens for them.

People who don’t know that we are supposed to feed our conscious minds positive affirmations to create our dream lives.

People who don’t know life.

Some of them also see positive thinking as delusional while not realizing where their own negative experiences came from. If you look closer, you will see that many of these people have profound insecurities and your positivity threatens their comfort zone.

They don’t want you to do too well because it would make them feel bad about their lives – the lives which are their own responsibility. Not yours.


You may or may not run into these negative individuals – I have at times – who will attempt to dim your spirit because it threatens their mindset. They don’t see you attracting miracles because they never have. Even when these people are your friends and family, this is an uncomfortable subject which must be discussed.

Negative people inherently think that certain other people have better lives. To admit that those lives were created by intention, not accident, negative people would also have to admit that others succeeded where they didn’t know how to. If you have had similar upbringing to a negative person, they need to think you can’t be lucky because they aren’t. They have to think that lucky individuals are very different from the both of you; otherwise, why would you be lucky and not them?

When negative people who call you naive are your friends and family, they will rarely admit their negative thinking is also rooted in the fear of losing you. They fear that having a better life will make you look down on them like they do on themselves.

You might be tempted to help a friend or a family member but only do so by sending them positive energy. Don’t engage in their negativity. You don’t owe them your entire happiness. You create your own, and so do they.





Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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