My family is expecting a visit from European friends – a couple and their young daughter. I have asked the Universe to make their visit filled with miracles, unexpected fun, wonderful sightseeing and laughter every single day. I want this visit to be the most wonderful time for us and I want to share it with all of you – along with its manifestation lessons!

New readers, here’s a quick overview of my life! I live in Connecticut, on the East Coast of the United States, with my husband, our dog and cat. I have previously lived in Belgium (and the US once before) but I’m originally from Croatia. I had intentionally manifested a life in multiple countries, my husband and marriage, my education, physical appearance, jobs, money, travel, apartments and other specific people in friendships, business and romance. Several months ago, I decided to share all my personal manifestation stories on this blog, knowing they would be a valuable guide in understanding the workings of Law of Attraction. (You can find many of my already shared stories in previous posts over the years!)

In the summer of 2020, another Croatian couple who are my close friends were set to travel the East Coast and visit us, until the rampant COVID-19 pandemic urged them to postpone their trip. My husband and I traveled to Croatia for Christmas of 2020 and we saw each other then. Now, this family of three is visiting, and we intend to catch up with all of them again when my husband and I travel over there this summer!

I believe that I always manifest a wonderful time with my friends due to maintaining a light energy around visualizing that I am with them. Whenever my energy feels heavy while thinking about the friends I miss, it means I focus on missing them – not on us being together! Then, I could only manifest missing them even more.



My friends are truly uplifting people. They’re open-minded, social and happy for anyone’s good fortune as well as their own. Her parents and mine have known each other since high school and are delighted we’re close. (They never took for granted that their children had to be close but it happened anyway.) They are the kind of friends I can tell anything to; one of those special kinds I can trust, laugh with every time I see them and whom everyone they meet likes very much. They’ve been together for almost fifteen years, and their daughter turns five this summer.

Another thing about this family – they make me laugh every time we talk! They’re very open and approach life with humor. You can imagine how much we laugh together! I love thinking about how much they make me laugh, and I manifest even more as a result! This is particularly important to mention, as we attract even more of what we think about.

This will be their first time visiting the US, and I’m beyond determined to manifest an incredible time for all of us!



You might think that this affirmation or outlook are over the top. Why need miracles every day, and on a trip? It’s because I want to experience miracles every single day of my life. Every moment in life should be manifested to its full potential, should it not?

Imagine traveling to a country you’ve never experienced in person – exciting event in itself, right? Now, imagine great surprises every day of your trip! Wouldn’t you be grateful for such an amazing experience?

This is the biggest trip my friends will have taken so far. They’ve traveled through much of Europe, and are now coming to the States with their daughter! As the pandemic created travel restrictions in the past two years, they hadn’t taken her on a plane yet. This young girl’s first air travel experience will be an eight-hour journey to an entirely new continent.


Since my friends’ four-year-old needs an appropriate car seat to travel safely, I had to find one. I was thinking about renting or even buying. I also thought about posting an ad on Facebook for a used one.

Then, I posted it and got nowhere.

These car seats are in demand, and they tend to go like hotcakes. I didn’t feel like trying again immediately, and I don’t know why. Probably because it wasn’t particularly fun and it made me focus on them selling out faster than houses in 2020. So I let it go. I wasn’t interesting in focusing on their shortage.

Much later, I posted another ad. The second person who answered it gave me an appropriate car seat, free of charge! In addition, the seat is pink – my friends’ daughter’s favorite color. When she saw it, she was thrilled!

I just believed I would find the perfect seat, and even posted the ad relatively late. But it doesn’t matter. All that mattered was knowing that the Universe would make it happen.

We should believe in everything this way. Why do we make manifestation difficult when it doesn’t have to be?

For days after, my ad still continued to receive offers for car seats. Suddenly, I was offered plenty, and couldn’t even find one weeks earlier. Something must have changed in my belief. Or maybe I had just asked and let go.

This is just the beginning. The Universe is making everything happen for the five of us to have an amazing time together!


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