I talk about unwavering self-confidence on a daily basis. If someone doesn’t have it but wants it, I’m here to help them achieve it. Part of my self-confidence method is the practice of knowing, believing and trusting the Universe that any desire I have is already created and going to become reality any day now.

No questions about whether or not I’m prepared, deserving or anything else. I am. I trust the Universe.

This is what self-confidence means to me – knowing that what I want is mine.

Can you see what else is behind that?

Being at peace with my feelings. Knowing that what I want is mine feels good, and nurturing thoughts that feel good to us leads to loving ourselves exactly as we are.

And then, that self-confidence and self-love help us manifest on autopilot. When we love ourselves, we don’t have to do anything else! Because everything else happens organically.

Self-confidence can mean something else to you. It can mean being unsure of a particular manifestation but knowing you will be okay either way. It can mean knowing you deserve to have what you want but also courageously admitting to yourself that you must grow into that knowing. A large part of self-confidence means accepting where you are because you know you’ll get to where you want to be. Ultimately, self-confidence in manifestation means planting the seed of thoughts that describe the life of your dreams, then nurturing those thoughts into existence.

If you want to nurture those thoughts freely but are afraid to believe in something that much, you’ve come to the right place to build that confidence. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I don’t accept any option other than my desire (or yours!) manifesting as it was imagined. Just as importantly, I enjoy my life just as it is right now, and why shouldn’t I? Everything I want is mine just as much as everything I already have.

i believe my desires belong to me already – as if they’ve already manifested!

This enjoyment is free to exist because I believe that my desires manifesting is the only possible outcome.

In my mind, there is no joy in asking, “How will this manifestation go?”

Since it’s mine already, there is nowhere else for it to go.


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