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I was crying when I told my husband I didn’t want to cook three meals a day anymore. I’ve been doing it since we got married almost three years ago, and cooking for my family full-time is nowhere near the kind of life I have imagined for myself. So I won’t accept it anymore. My days of manifesting a variety of lifestyles just to experience them are officially behind me. I am now using Law of Attraction to manifest the life I permanently want to life.

A home life that included cooking three meals a day was my last lifestyle experiment. I realized that I don’t enjoy it in the long run, just like I always assumed would be the case.

I’m going to tell you how this conversation went. But first, let me tell you why I used Law of Attraction to try so many things, and how I intend to do it differently from now on.


When I began practicing LoA in my teens, I knew that I wanted to live a luxury lifestyle, attract money, travel and exceptional people to call partners and friends. I wanted a career I loved that would represent who I was while simultaneously serving as an inspiration to other people; I wanted education, sophistication and style; physical appearance I cherished and nurtured, true love, a home in a city I was in love with and wonderful, happy and loving pets.

I always knew I would receive all of it. Part of achieving such a cultured, sophisticated existence was to understand the world and different ways of life, what made people who they were, how life works. Just like understanding fashion means understanding more than just one type of style, and how to make any style attractive. In order to achieve this, I knew I wanted to try out various countries, jobs, people, food and lifestyles. I wanted to experience a wide variety of everything this world offers – and since you’re a reader here, you know it was exactly what I did! I knew that I would always revisit my original desired lifestyle but it was time for any and every experience I wanted to have first.

Practicing Law of Attraction gave me a perpetual ego boost. I manifested being good at everything and enjoyed being the woman who did it all. I have been vacuuming our furniture and floors every single day to keep them free of pet hair (which our dog and cat don’t even shed that much). I have been cooking three meals from scratch every single day because my husband enjoyed it. I cooked for my in-laws, family, neighbors, friends and our pets. I’ve received much praise but recently felt that I was done trying a lifestyle with it as my daily activity.

I don’t want to put energy into making meals from scratch that I would rather put into work, travel, making money or enjoying some wonderful activity with my husband or friends (including dining out!). This is what having a happy life means to me.

I have to remember that to me, feeling great about myself has never been about doing it all. Ultimately, I base feeling good about myself on taking pride in who I truly am, what I truly want and not thinking about things I don’t want – this is the premise of my entire self-confidence method! I hate cooking three meals a day because I find it boring. It doesn’t fulfil nor entertain me. So I decided to manifest a life in which cooking less and eating out more is once again the norm. (Of course, my husband and I love a good restaurant. But I had manifested a routine of home cooking which became our dominant feeding arrangement.)

I’ve had this life before. I’ve always loved restaurants. In my twenties, I never used to cook! I spent that entire decade eating out. In my early thirties, I started cooking occasionally. When my husband and I moved in together and got married, I’d just moved back to the United States and needed to remain unemployed until my work permit was issued. Suddenly, I was cooking three meals a day. I received my work permit, went back to work and somehow still cooked three meals a day. How did that happen? I had become Superwoman!

Great, right? You can do what you want and everything else!


Doing it all was an ego boost. Just writing that makes me feel so childish, to be honest with you. Why was I always competing with myself? I wanted to be the best at everything, and becoming the best cook was my next mission. I’m already a great cook. Did I really care that much?

Eventually, I realized I only care about being Superwoman in my areas of interest and joy. I love my husband. I love being married. I love our house and I love our pets. But I hate cooking on a regular basis, be that for myself or both of us. I refuse to pretend otherwise just because I like the ego boost from doing it all. Ego boost is not joy; focusing on joy is true self-love.

This means that focusing on what I truly enjoy doing is self-love. I don’t enjoy cooking three meals a day, and not forcing myself to do what I don’t enjoy means protecting my energy.

Sometimes, we have to go through this thought process just to remember what kind of life we want. Unless we know, how can we attract the exact circumstances of our dreams?

That’s what a dream life is – living in our most desired circumstances every single day.


Let me tell you.

I stated my intention to the Universe, and to my husband. When he saw me cry, he asked me not to worry. He knew that it hadn’t been making me happy. He knows I don’t mind cooking for us occasionally but not full-time.

We used to cook together, did I tell you that? I’d like to do that again sometime. Any kind of setting in which cooking together is a joy, just not solely my responsibility.

Now, this is where the manifestation truly happened; and as you can guess, it was before I spoke to my husband! The current reality is always the last part of manifestation.

Before telling my husband, I’d first decided that I was done with full-time cooking. I had initially intended to phase it out or simply meal prep in advance. Then, my day went downhill.

I was about to begin recording coaching videos for my weekly plan clients, when I suddenly realized that I’d forgotten about dinner. As I finished making a meal, our dog threw up and I still don’t know why. I resented having to take time off work to make yet another meal, and just when I thought I was ready to resume working, I had to clean up after the dog.

I broke down and cried. I’m happy to be responsible for the pets I so wanted but I don’t have to be in charge of cooking three meals a day. It was never going to make me happy. By the time our dog got sick, I could have already gotten some work done. So I poured my heart out to my husband completely unplanned, and manifested this change 100% even sooner than I expected – he told me that he would be primarily responsible for his own home-cooked meals, starting immediately.

He gave me my manifestation sooner rather than later. I never even thought about the timeline, and it happened immediately. I’m grateful to him and for him.


When we think about our desires, we should consider them all ours already. Not aspirational – already normal!

This wasn’t the normal I wanted. It didn’t me happy.

You decide what your normal should be. Go for it without guilt!

Whatever we want and whatever would make us the happiest is what we should affirm, then manifest. Finally, I’m working without being interrupted by wondering what to make for dinner.

I should have done this months ago.

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