Did you ever experience an upsetting event, circumstance or even humiliation; something you never expected would happen to you? Without a strong grasp on self-confidence, those events can cause a profound change in our awareness. Since our awareness dictates what we attract via how much we feel that we deserve, Law of Attraction can suddenly give us undesired manifestations, leading to questioning our entire self-worth.

Experiencing traumatic life events should never impact our manifestation confidence. We deserve better than that. However, when one begins to affirm a desire so exciting it offers the prospect of life-changing happiness, past trauma can get in the way of present belief.

how might a lack of manifestation confidence follow trauma?

After experiencing a major life disappointment once, the negative emotional effect can be strong enough to impede on the belief that not everything in life will end in pain. Once major pain is experienced, it can become a roadblock to belief that it won’t happen again.

What we fear, we attract. This is why disappointment can lead to further disappointment.

It is also why one must reboot self-confidence – to reopen one’s heart to the beauty of life. This is the beginning of manifestation. To make happiness the central expectation in life. To stop worrying that life could never be amazing after something like this.

It can.

But how can we start to believe it?


Using Law of Attraction is to align current reality with expectations and not the other way around! “Align your expectations with reality” is the fastest route towards settling for less in life.

This is why each and every one of us needs strong self-confidence.

We can’t anticipate even more disappointment in life.

If you have settled for less even once, you know that such acceptance of something we don’t deserve can have a lasting effect on human psyche. Suddenly, we begin to think less of ourselves. We worry that failure is a reflection of our diminishing value. We begin to think that we might not be deserving of more.

Why does self-confidence even matter when using Law of Attraction?

Because self-confidence means trusting your personal qualities. The awareness of having qualities leads to self-respect and high expectations out of life, which then causes LoA to lead you to everything you desire – using your instincts, choices and decisions.

In other words – when you’re aware of how much you deserve, you begin to expect it. You know it’ll happen for you. Then, you start making choices that ultimately lead you to achieving those goals.

Here are some common examples, in my own words. You might choose to make an unplanned stop on your way home and meet your future boss/roommate/literary agent. You might decide to go on your first ever blind date and meet the love of your life. You might play the slots and win the jackpot. You might visit a city, fall in love with it and move there. Those decisions come as a result of your awareness – your job here is to adjust that awareness, not try to figure out which move to make in order to manifest your desire.

“What do I say to ensure he/she/they will ask me on a second date?”



“I can relax and enjoy myself because I like him/her/them and the second date is definitely going to happen.”


How can you be sure it really will? Because when we trust the Universe fully, anything is possible.

We just need to trust so strongly that we don’t question it.

So don’t question it even if you don’t hear from your person as much as you’d prefer. Even if you don’t see any proof of your desire actually manifesting. It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen plenty of my own manifestations remain proofless until the end but my attitude and belief never changed. Even when negative thoughts attacked, they didn’t change my awareness. We just have to mentally separate ourselves from the current state of our desires.

A positive and confident awareness lives in that separation. When the current reality doesn’t distract us, we can believe in anything! It might sound like a fairytale but energy is very real. Our expectations just need a reset from the current reality to the ideal.

As confident individuals, we should expect to receive the ideal. Why expect anything else? Why erode our own confidence even a little since negative expectations do this to the human mind?

Why expect that the undesired has more prevalence in our lives?

Just because it happened once?


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