1. FOCUS ON ENGAGING IN (AT LEAST) ONE ENJOYABLE ACTIVITY PER DAY. When an hour of your favorite hobby is on the schedule of any given day, it gives you something to look forward to! It makes you want to have a happy, productive day and reach your valued time of doing something you enjoy. Your hobby will make you happy, and happy activities raise our vibration. My trick – this is how you should also approach manifestation. Living your desire is something for you to look forward to! When you approach manifestation from this light and happy point of view, your faith in the Universe and yourself increases. And with that, so does your self-confidence.
  2. FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF BECOMES YOUR CORE MINDSET WHEN…you focus on your qualities. You affirm your desires. You trust the Universe. Make these choices every day.

This is where it starts.

Why do these daily practices work? Because if you stick to them for several days, you will already experience moments of lightness, and your light energy will start to become a permanent part of your being. You will begin to automatically, effortlessly imagine your desired experience in a given moment and actually manifest that experience!

Try it and you’ll see.

indulging in hobbies and affirmations is a reflection of self-love

Individuals lacking self-love don’t spend time doing or even finding out what makes them happy.

Neither do those who don’t love their lives.

Loving your life is nothing but an extension of loving yourself.

There are some who feel too unmotivated to start changing their daily routine. They want to manifest their desires but don’t believe they’re truly capable. They don’t believe that doing something enjoyable every day would help and begin to raise their vibration, so they don’t even try. This is a missed opportunity to raise your vibration and start feeling better about themselves and life.

It takes little action to change your vibration. Doing something differently every day, such as committing to an enjoyable activity, can do wonders. You might think you don’t have the time – if you have the will to do this, a time slot will clear itself. Choosing and wanting to feel good, as well as being ready to make it happen will change your life and define your manifestation power.

Start feeling good now! It’ll raise your vibration.

And the higher the vibration we’re living on, the faster we manifest reaching our goals.


Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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