I love coaching women on achieving life goals. Whether it’s starting a business, moving to a new country, manifesting a new job, manifesting the love of your life or merely figuring out what you want first, I’m here for you! This is also why I want you to know that you can manifest all your desires, and I want to help you imagine and visualize living your desired life every day!

Visualizing living your desired life will begin to make you feel like you have it already. You can visualize doing what you want and seeing what you want to see as you do work or your daily activities. Even in the moments of doubt, remember you have decided to live this life, so it’s happening. There is no other possible outcome, and the more you remind yourself of that every day, the more trust you’ll have.

And trust matters. Trust in the Universe matters because it brings us to our goals.

Self-love matters, too. Do you believe you deserve to see your desires manifest? Is a life of living them the life you deserve every day?

It better be.

The following is something I believe to be an essential component of manifesting professional goals.

If you want to achieve a business goal, affirm your talent for the job, the field and the career you want! I would suggest that you focus on believing in your natural talent for this, and allow for this talent to lead the way.

To start this business, I had to believe in my talent as a coach. I had to believe that displaying my talent on this blog would attract clients, since it was my preferred method of showcasing and sharing my work. I had to believe I was able to help those clients as well as blog readers. I had to believe that my books were appealing for purchase to an ever-increasing number of people and cherished as an irreplaceable Law of Attraction source.

I had to believe in myself.

Even if your self-belief doesn’t come overnight, don’t give up. You can accelerate it by knowing that the Universe wants to give you everything as soon as possible. All it takes is consistent belief.

“Women face enough obstacles in the world;” this is something we often hear. But we don’t have to focus on those obstacles. When we stop, they go away. When we focus on all kinds of doors opening for us, that’s what we receive. Don’t we deserve that?

I’ve seen clients who had previously battled insecurities turn into magnetic individuals who don’t even perceive obstacles anymore, be those existing or imaginary. Their brains don’t stop them from achieving goals anymore. They don’t even care that something “seems hard to achieve” because they know they can do it.

Please, believe in your abilities.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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