Did your past include undesirable events? A lack of encouragement from your parents? People who treated you like you’re less than? School bullying?

Whether or not one likes to admit it, these events shape one’s self-perception. This form of awareness doesn’t always mean one agrees with these events; it means that, by focusing on them, one begins to view oneself as someone who always encounters people they dislike, someone who’s always stuck in jobs they dislike while others work in their desired jobs, someone who only has unhappy relationships and is never treated as well as they deserve… These notions impact one’s self-perception of being this person.

In order to become the person you know you can be, you must believe you are that person already – and as a part of the process, I suggest you kick those old self-perceptions out the door for good.

It’s time for a new awareness.

how can i stop feeling stuck in an undesired reality and self-perception?

First, you will identify these parts of your awareness. How do you feel about the way your life has gone?

Do you feel unlucky?

Do you feel unsupported?

Do you feel like you’re repeatedly dealing with the same interfering lack of confidence or limiting beliefs?

Whatever the reason, let’s use the following technique to remove those feelings.

Today, I wanted to remove past feelings and a similar awareness that stemmed from annoyance. So I mentally (and visually – seriously, use visualization!) kicked these annoyances out the door and shut it. The door represented my awareness and I kicked these irrelevant factors out of it.

Man, did that feel good!

Please, do the same. Kick them out. They’re unworthy of even a second of your attention.

I always advocated for discarding any limiting beliefs and kicking them away forever. Personally, I was letting some annoying thoughts get in the way today and I can’t live with myself unless I feel good, and feel like I’m the person of my dreams. I respect myself too much to feel any less. And I know that perpetuating this awareness is entirely up to me and no one else.

This is how much I hope you can respect yourself.

If you’re making any choices that interfere with your positive awareness or are making you believe you are settling for less, you should probably reevaluate those choices. These choices can be in the form of self-talk, dwelling on limiting beliefs daily, jobs, weak boundaries or relationships. They make you feel like you’re settling for less because they seem to suit some outlandish scenarios which are simply not you! They don’t go with you. They aren’t who you are.

With that kick out the door, you will release the inner energy of being the person you want to be. It’ll be therapeutic yet somehow light and freeing.

Try it!

And then move on with your true life and self.


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