How do you manifest a relationship with someone specific if you can’t shake the feeling they are too good for you? If you have butterflies strong enough to scare you away from conversation with them?

You do it by amping up your self-love! And, by listing all the reasons they have to fall in love with you. By listing all the reasons why you are an amazing romantic partner, and by listing all the ways you make all your loved ones (such as friends and family) happy; they see all your qualities, so follow their example in recognizing them yourself!

why do we even think less of ourselves?

Do you put effort into being your best self every day – not for anyone else but just for you?

Let me explain.

Do you think about who you want to be? Not to manifest a relationship with someone specific but for yourself? Do you care to be your best self, to create a life you would love weather or not you had a partner?

To be the person you are proud of being and would be proud of being even if you were single today?

It matters more than you think.

If you wait to have a relationship in order to feel fulfilled, you will feel inadequate once your ideal person comes along. You will feel unworthy of them. That’s the catch. But if you feel fulfilled on your own, and like yourself and your life before having a partner, you will feel worthy of that ideal partnership once you meet your perfect person.


Do you feel like you aren’t good enough because you aren’t who you want to be? Do you care about being your best self every day for you?

Because that is the only way to feel fulfilled and good enough when the time comes. You have to create the life you want to have for yourself. You will feel good enough and know how great you are once you build that self-love by affirming the best of yourself every day.

Do you know how to create that life or need help doing so?

If you are willing to make the effort to be happy just for yourself, you are showing that you want to be happy and send the right signals to the Universe to bring you more happiness. This is how Law of Attraction works – we get more of what we demonstrate that we want.

What you’ll receive in addition to that happiness is a boost of confidence. You will suddenly feel worthy of everything! See, there are so many ways creating our own happiness instills in us the ability to manifest someone special by simply feeling deserving.

Creating our own happiness will make you used to feeling deserving of any desire.

Creating happiness just for you will give you anything and anyone you want, simply because it will make you feel worthy of any and every happiness.

Don’t wait.


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