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In no particular order, these are the things I appreciate in my life right now.

I will think beyond my husband and our pets, whom I love and appreciate beyond words. I will focus on life factors of cause and effect to show how we can all grow them.

  1. Everything the money I have right now can buy today. This way of thinking will grow the money we have and how much good for both ourselves and the world we can do with it! Gratitude means nurturing what we have, and when we nurture what we have, it grows!
  2. Every moment in the day I spend doing something I love! Because, guess what? When we are thankful for doing what we love, we get to do more of it! Also, when I am in the moment of doing something I love, that moment is enough. It makes me happy where I am and with what I have.
  3. Every time I laugh. I want even more laughter in my life so I will appreciate as much as I already have! I want to feel that I already have all the laughter I want in life!
  4. Everything I love about my job, especially the parts that give me the lifestyle I want. Those parts that make me feel like I am living the life I want! Do you want a more glamorous job? Be grateful for the glamorous parts of your current one! Do you want a more comfortable job that brings you even more money? Be grateful for the comfort you already have, and the money you make today. You will grow your desires from this mindset.
  5. Every time I eat my favorite foods. This is something I’ve always been picky about. I never liked all food and have always aimed for my life to be filled with select, high quality foods I do enjoy and love. I want what I love all the time, no matter how extravagant. And I deserve it. So I am grateful for every meal I have right now that is filled with such foods.

See what I’m trying to do here?



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