All of us experience negative thoughts, sadness or even occasional anxiety. Some experience daily anxiety which is a permanent part of their lives. Law of Attraction works for us and can work for our desired manifestations regardless of how we experience these feelings. What we do need is to choose trust in the Universe to manifest our desires, regardless of any moment of sadness, anxiety or negativity we might experience.

When I say “Trust the Universe, even when you doubt,” it is to increase your happiness level and feel better! If you deeply believe your desire is manifesting 100%, you will manifest even if there are days of sadness, anxiety or negativity along the way.

There is a major difference between superficial belief on the days when the current reality seems to support your potential manifestations and deep, profound belief you are living in, knowing that the Universe is manifesting your desires every moment, no matter what. The profound belief is based on your trust in the Universe.

are you sad, anxious or feeling negative because you’re missing profound belief in your manifestations?

This could be a true clue to your state of mind, especially if you can’t figure out why you’re upset.

You might be temporarily sad, anxious or negative because you’re doubting the possibility of your desire manifesting.

You need that profound belief!

And you can choose it.

can i manifest my desires if i suffer from diagnosed anxiety?

I’ve been asked this often.

You might suffer from anxiety and if you do, please know that it won’t set back your manifestation on its own, and doesn’t have to set back your belief.

You just have to create that belief as another, unrelated part of yourself. You can choose to believe your desire is yours, and deal with your anxiety day by day. In this case, you aren’t feeling anxiety because of your desire but because you’re dealing with this condition every day; allow the knowing that your anxiety isn’t connected to your desire to be a relief.

You have accomplished so much in life regardless of your anxiety and next, you’re going to manifest your desires the same way!

Even though you’re dealing with your anxiety every day, you still know that you’re alive, breathing and existing in the world. You still know that your job/school and apartment are yours – you are aware of having those things. Your anxiety isn’t a cause or effect of you having a job and apartment – it isn’t related to those things. You deal with daily anxiety and you have a place to live. Those are two separate things in your life.

Living your desire is another separate circumstance in your life, along with other things you have (listed above). You can become aware that your desires are a done deal and you have them, whether you ever cure your anxiety or not.

Think of your desires the way you think of living your life – they’re yours! Everything you already have in your life is yours, and you are just adding living your desires to the list of the things you have in life.


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