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Happy New Year, everyone! We’re in 2023!

I’m seeing this year with new eyes. I’m focusing on the things I love with new excitement and I’m no longer afraid of boredom!

Can you believe it?

2022 was a year of a few new desires, releasing blocks, leaning into the lifestyle I always wanted to return to after test driving the varieties of the world, and fine-tuning my positive thinking (which isn’t to say I am any less positive!), sprinkled with pleasant surprises, several firsts and feeling completely ageless.

A year ago, I wrote about manifesting in 2022 without letting the current reality stop you (read the post here)! I believe that setting this intention improved my focus on the ideal realities I’ve constructed. I find myself feeling happiness, anticipation and excitement whether a desire takes two hours or months to manifest. I move myself from thinking about the timeline because I know that it stops me from manifesting.

Point being – the lightness of energy boosts belief in the manifestation of any desire, and I have learned that lesson all over again in 2022.

I’d told myself I had no choice but to be completely trusting of the Universe.

I feel like today is a new day. I believe it because of everything I learned last year – let me revisit!

my favorite spiritual achievement of 2022 was…

Finally achieving balance.

I used to focus so much on excitement; manifesting every moment was veiled in it. It made all the times I needed peace and calm seem boring.

I now embrace the moments in which I need calmness, no matter how rare they can be. I’ve accepted the fact that calm moments don’t change who I am – they’re for recharging.

who i choose to be today is most important for manifesting any desire!

We must choose who we are every day. We want to affirm our awareness and our happiness to manifest our lives every day.

I’m turning thirty-eight in four days and I haven’t stopped wanting to experience every way of life until recently. I’m not talking about learning new things – that will never end – but wanting to experience living everywhere and wanting to experience several jobs, careers and many different lifestyles. I wanted to know the world.

Now, I’m ready to commit to a permanent home in the most incredible city without thinking that I haven’t lived everywhere else first. I can continue to experience the world, professionally and personally, while living in a place I love! I can stop worrying about getting bored and moving on to the next.

Can you imagine the manifestations I’m going to tell you about this year? I already can’t wait!

I can’t wait to hear how much these manifestations will contribute to your manifestations! Can you imagine how much we’ll have to talk about soon?


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Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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