We all love different things. Manifesting with law of attraction can make some feel guilty if one of the things they want, need or even love is…money! However, once we connect that money to our personal values, thinking about having it becomes easier.

It’s important to connect our desires to our personal values. This makes them feel real.

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let me tell you what i think…

I believe money can be easier to like than some materialistic items. I personally think about how those items came to be and I make sure the ones I choose to manifest are aligned my values.

For example, I like fashion and beauty products. I also like animals. To me, money would is easier to like than couture and make-up which harm animals. So, I have to connect fashion and money with my own values.

I love cruelty-free and sustainably made fashion; I love manifesting both money and an abundance of the most beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products that don’t harm animals and even relieve the environment of polluting materials by re-purposing them. I also love luxury so naturally, I love money. These are my personal values.

On the other hand, my personal values are not against an abundance of expensive fashion, prioritizing beauty or spending money on luxury services. They aren’t against prioritizing comfort and spending money on it. They aren’t against receiving more and more money every year.

Some people think I either want or need too much in life – I don’t care. They’re allowed to want and/or need whatever they do as well. I don’t think about what they want. I don’t think about them at all.

Do you ever notice that only those who are dissatisfied with their lives focus on the lives of others instead of their own? Their focus on what I want is preventing them from manifesting their lives.

My values matter in my life, not theirs.

Now, let’s translate manifesting money to your values!

“i want to easily make payments on my house and my credit cards, provide for my children’s necessities and take them on vacation, but i don’t need many luxuries.”

Does this sound like you? If so, this is what I recommend.

Don’t feel guilty about manifesting more money because it is your job to provide the best you can for your children, and the best can translate to putting more in the bank to save long-term or in case of ever needing to use it. When you have children, and even when you don’t, this is just good sense. What do you think? I think this could easily be your money mindset! You can put it in the bank for retirement/college funds/an investment property/business start-up costs/a rainy day, and intending to do this will connect manifesting money with a positive goal for you.

You also deserve to be able to relax as the money comes in, knowing you have some in your savings. You’re manifesting more to save more. Of course, you could always choose to spend more but that doesn’t mean you have to upgrade your entire lifestyle; spending more could just translate into having that vacation fund in your savings without needing to save for it again, making your daily expenses stress-free. You deserve this.

“i LOVE money and want expensive items in every single area of my life!”

If this is you, you’re going to have to be unapologetic about it. People will talk but you can’t pay attention. Many will show and tell you that you shouldn’t want this but you’ll have to be very strong and focus on yourself and your desires. Money creates confusion in many people and you’ll need to have a very comfortable relationship with the idea of belonging to the 1%, regardless of anyone’s opinion.

I guest you give – donate money, used items or your time, and do so generously! The more we give, the more we feel comfortable receiving profound abundance! The more you give, the more you can see yourself receiving.

Never judge those who want or need less, or even those who call you greedy – as long as money doesn’t come in above everything else in your life and you are not making it at the expense of others (such as paying workers below living wage just to pocket more), you are not greedy. Spending more on yourself than many people feel you should doesn’t automatically make you greedy. Ignore this because guilt will slow you down and prevent you from seeing yourself having everything you want.

“i have a lot of debt – i want to pay it off but i keep focusing on it instead of having money, and can’t manifest money.”

I know this is tricky – it’s like trying to manifest a relationship while focusing on being alone.

Here’s the biggest problem – this amount of debt has undoubtedly made you feel undeserving of abundance and happiness. You probably feel some version of embarrassment but you shouldn’t. Or at least you feel confused as to how you’re supposed to pay it all off on your salary.

You’re going to have to take this directly to the universe. Talk directly to the universe and give thanks for everything being paid off while you still have extra. Imagine what it’s like to have zero debt and extra in the bank – imagine like a child! Start here.


Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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